Monday, June 04, 2007

Happy Birthday Samantha

Happy 4th birthday Samantha Grace!

Nothing Sam does is simple, including her entrance into this world. I was a nervous wreck my whole pregnancy. Allison had only been gone 2.5 months when we found out I was pregnant and I was terrified of something going wrong. Things had been going well until I went into labor at 32 weeks. Luckily they were able to stop my contractions and with complete bedrest I was able to hold off 4 more weeks and on June 4, 2003 I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. Since she was 4 weeks early she had some problems breathing so they put her in the special care nursery for 24 hours. And in the end everything was fine.

Samantha saved my life. She has taught me how to believe again when I never thought it was possible. She is the reason I believe God does answer prayers. Someday she will do something great... change lives... I know she has mine.

They let me hold Sam briefly before taking her to the nursery. She is just minutes old here.
I have always loved this picture. I think it shows so many emotions without saying a single word. The day we brought Sam home from the hospital was a bittersweet day.
Sam at 6 weeks.
In 2004 we went to Florida for spring break. This was Sam's first trip to the beach.
When Sam was 9 months old Val attempted to take some pictures. We didn't get many shots, as Sam hated the camera. Oh how that has changed.
This was Sam's first birthday.
Sam and Hannah in January 2005. Boy are these two peas in a pod. Miss you Hannah!
Sam's 2nd birthday.
Disney, September 2005.

June 2006.
June 2007.


Jenn said...

Happy birthday sweet Sam!

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

Hope Sam had a beautiful bday!

Jamie said...

Happy Birthday Sam!! It's making me tear up thinking about little Sam's arival. And the set of lungs that tiny girl had. Sniff Sniff. Of being the first to get to watch her. OH my little Sammie girl! Hannah wishes her best friend forever a happy birthday! ((((HUGS)))) to mom and Birthday Girl

Kelly said...

I don't know your daughter other than what you've shared here, but oh my. She's breathtaking. What a gift. Happy birthday, little Samantha. (And happy day to Mom, too. Celebrating their lives is as much a party for us as it is for them.)

Erin said...

What a sweetie! And what a gift from God! Happy birthday Samantha.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Samantha!

Great pictures, Alexis! It's awesome to see how she's grown!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Sam! Great pictures!

Deborah said...

happy Birthday!

Leesha said...

Happy B-Day Sammi!!!

I remember that day so well, I prayed so hard for you & your mommy and what a perfect day it was!

You are such a JOY & we all miss you here at my house.

Hope you have a wonderful 4th B-day sweetie!!!!

mama2dibs said...

Oh, Sam is SO beautiful! They just grow up way too quickly.

SuperMom said...

What a beautiful little girl! Happy Birthday, Sam!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Sam!

Love the pictures! Hope everyone had a great day!! :)

it's me, Val said...

Auntie Val coming in late. Hope you understand why. Happy birthday dear baby Sam! I miss you and Noah misses you. I can't believe you are 4. Sigh.....

Aliboo said...

Happy 4th Birthday Sam!!

Lots of love from Ali, Ed and Ruthie xxxxx

And Alexis, I have a 4 year old too.... where has the time gone? Your pics and your words are beautiful. You are a wonderful mummy.

Lu said...

Such a cute girl! I enjoyed your time line of pics! Thanks for coming by my blog!