Monday, June 04, 2007

Summertime Must Have

I can only find one fault with summer –– shaving. I have having to shave my legs and well other areas all summer long. Who wants to see a hairy lady at the pool or on the beach? I mean sure if we were in parts of Europe then we would be welcomed with open arms and hairy pits, but not here in the United States.

I have tried a few shaving products in the past with mixed reviews. So I have stumbled upon a different product that I **have** to try –– tend skin. Tend skin claims to cure ingrown hairs, a common problem from waxing or shaving. I would love to know if anyone has experience with this? Or a similar product?
Until I have some solid praises I will add this product to my "if it actually works I would love to buy it" list, along next to the Proactive Face System and the "Magic Bullet".

I wish I knew who made shaving for women the norm. Obviously it must have been a man. Shaving just stinks.

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Mikki said...

ROFL!! This is so true. For me living in the Sunshine state, this has been something that I have to do A LOT more then when I lived up north.

I still just use shaving lotion and the ole razor, but some of these new things do look interesting!