Friday, June 08, 2007

My Graduate

I know I keep saying this, but where does time go? I feels like just yesterday a nurse placed this tiny little red baby in my arms, now she is almost 12 and going to middle school.

I know it is only 5th grade, but the school really puts on a nice celebration. We started with a brunch for the parents and students.

After brunch we went to a nearby church for graduation. They even got real "diplomas"! It was a really nice program, complete with student speeches, a slide show and receiving the diploma.

Even though we have only been here one school year, Emily has made some great friends and had an awesome teacher. It was hard for everyone to say goodbye. The kids are going off to 5 or 6 different middle schools so for some they have said goodbye for the last time.

Yikes!! I officially am a parent of a middle schooler. Congrats Emily! We're so proud of you!


Jamie said...

Congrats Em!!! hehe Don't let Ashley see the diploma she will be jealous!

Leesha said...

CONGRATS Emily! What an awesome Diploma.

I hope you have a great summer and a wonderful upcoming year. ;)

lil ole' me..... said...

Congratulations Emily!!!
Enjoy your summer!!! :)

it's me, Val said...

Wow, they do so much these days for going to the next level . . . what I have to look forward to with mine, I guess! Congrats, Em!!! Weirdly enough I posted about graduation today on mine, too!

Anne said...

Awww. Congrats. I so know what you mean about wondering where the time goes because my oldest son will be, at this time next year, graduating high school. *sigh* boy do I feel old! LOL

Kim said...

Aw, congrats Emily!!!!