Thursday, June 07, 2007

Random Updates From Jacobs-Land

I just thought it would be good to give some updates on some things that are going on involving the Jacobs Household. It seems like it has been a while since I have done this.
  1. Tomorrow is the last day of school. In some ways I am ready for school to be done. I am sick of packing lunches, carpool, homework and the rush to get ready. I am also not looking forward to a whole summer of fighting amongst my 3 children. Summer vacation is very long.
  2. Emily has 5th grade graduation tomorrow. She will be going to the middle school next year. ((sigh)) And to add to it, I think she has her first official crush. **gulp**
  3. Chris is going to day camp next week –– horse camp. It should be interesting to see how that goes.
  4. Matt is working to expand our deck and build on a screened-in-porch. Watch for progress pictures. We are hoping that it will be done by fall. I have some great visions of sitting on the porch reading as the sun goes down (or comes up). I can't wait.
  5. I have been given two large assignments from Caterpillar. One being the biggest I have ever done. It is a pretty important project and I am incredibly nervous about it. I also met with an organization today that offered me a part-time project working from home. This would be a great network opportunity and help me break into another market, other than heavy machinery and agriculture. I am not sure what I think about all this yet. I am excited, yet nervous.
  6. We leave for two weeks at the beach in 17 days.
  7. Matt will be gone for three weeks traveling for work this summer. One trip we are all going with him, but the rest I will be on my own. Anyone feel like visiting NC in the summer?
  8. Samantha has been asked to be a model for a local hair bow and flip flop company. They will be using the pictures for a new website they are creating. Tomorrow is the photo shoot. I can't wait to see how everything turns out.
  9. Emily's softball team is tied for first place right now. We just found out Emily will be pitching in the tournament next weekend. Yikes!
Have a great night!


Tracey said...

Sounds like you are going to have a busy summer! Good luck with the job. Can I ask how you got into your field? And how you've built your business? I would love to do some freelance editing work for more than just my dad's company!

it's me, Val said...

I emailed and text'ed ya, but I know you are busy. I want to hear more about the job. So you got it!?????

WTG Em on softball! I was the pitcher for my team in softball, too! A leftie pitcher. They (other teams) didn't like that so much. I *threw* them off . . get it?!

And I'll be at the beach before you-uuu! Nananabooboo! :) (June 17th!)

Great update! camp?! Huh? lol :c)

Jamie said...

A, busy, busy, busy. It's sad to think that when life finaly slows down it's because the kids have grown and moved out. Don't want to think about that because I am beginning to think it happens faster than we think. Anyway good luck to everyone on all the summer "adventures" you have lined up!

mama2dibs said... hiss! Make 'em look bad! Yea for John Deere!

Did I say that? Sorry, it's just the John Deere wife in me. :) Don't make them look bad, make yourself look good.

Deborah said...

wow, lots of updates!

good luck with the assignments and good luck keeping the kids entertained for the summer. ;)

Oh, and very cool about Sam!

Erin said...

Wow, you sound like a busy bunch! Good luck with all that : )

lil ole' me..... said...

Congrats on the job with Caterpillar!!!

The beach for 17 days sounds awesome! Have a great time!

And, how cute that your daughter was chosen to model the flip flops and bows! I'm sure we'll get to see pictures!!!

PS. How on earth do you have time to read?!?! :)