Monday, June 25, 2007

Saying "Hi!" From the Beach

Greetings from Oak Island, North Carolina. How surprised was I to find out that an updated feature to our beach house this year is wireless access. So here I am!

We have gone to the beach for 8 years with our good friends from college and some other friends. We have five houses rented next to each other with 12 families including over 25 kids! It is always such a fun time and we look forward to the last week of June every year.

Matt and Kate with their 3 kids, along with Steve and Jess and their baby Gabby all came for a few days in sunny Fuquay Varina to visit before we drove down to Oak Island on Saturday morning. How different it was to only drive 3 hours compared to the 17+ hours it used to take from Illinois.

The kids are already having a blast playing in the sand, jumping in the waves and flying kites while the adults soak up the rays, read on the beach and play fun games like poker (which I won yesterday!)

This really is heaven.

Our beach house –– Geveva Too
View down the beach.
My precious Sami.
Chris trying to fly a kite.

Our friend Steve counting out the chips for a friendly game of Texas Hold 'Em.


Mikki said...

Wow. That place looks beautiful!! Have a great time with the sand between your toes!!

it's me, Val said...

Looks just so similar to what we experienced just a few days ago! Have a blast :)

SuperMom said...

Oh, it looks lovely! Between Val's blog and yours I'm getting pretty anxious to take a beachy vacation! Enjoy!

LiLi said...

Looks AMAZING Alexis! I hope you guys are having a blast!!! :D

LL said...

I will trade you vacations any day! My ideal vacation is always a beach vacation!!

I'm so happy for you! What fun for you and all those families to be together...

Have a great rest of your summer!

Spice said...

What a beautiful beach house!!!!!