Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hunt For The Perfect Living Place

One thing I love to do is look at real estate, not just where I live, but all over the country. The funny part about it? I despise moving. I find it way too stressful to enjoy. Not to mention I could see myself in NC forever. But I do love to look. And not just at already built houses but at land as well. Matt and I hope to someday own land somewhere to use and build on.

I have to share the latest find in my "hunt for the perfect house or land". It is blue ridge real estate located in Georgia. It looks so peaceful with the mountains, lakes and trees. A place you could go to and forget about all your worries and get away from the everyday clutter from life that seems to crowd us.

Someday... maybe... Until then I will have to settle for a long weekend in a cabin. I already have it on my "must visit" places since moving to the south.

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Kelly said...

I have this sickness too -- only we move. A LOT. So it's become a necessary habit for me.

(Only I tend to make the upper end of my search parameters WAY more than we can afford, just so I can see the virtual tours of the nice homes. Which makes my husband FREAK OUT! But hey. That's why it's a sickness.)