Monday, July 16, 2007

Wisconsin Wedding Weekend

Our good friends Paul & Jess got married in Wisconsin this weekend. Since Matt was in the wedding we flew up Thursday night for all the wedding festivities.

We sat for over an hour on the tamarack in Raleigh before we finally got into Chicago O'hare (can I say again how much I dislike that airport?) to grab a rental car and then head to Burlington, Wisconsin. Friday we had the rehearsal and then a BBQ dinner with lots of yummy food and plenty of drinks and fun. A bunch of us then took Paul out for a few drinks to help him sleep.

Saturday was full of wedding festivities. Pictures, the wedding, a cocktail hour out at Paul's family's farm and then the reception. I have to admit it was one of the most fun weddings I have been to in a long time. I have never seen so many people dance at a reception. And let me say those Wisconsin people sure like their polka.

This am we left at 5 am to drive to the airport and catch an early flight home. I have to say for once I am exhausted.

I remember when we first met Paul over 7 years ago. Over the years we all have moved away, then back together then away again (Paul and Jess are now in Arizona and we are in North Carolina). Over the years Paul has helped us decorate for Christmas, gone to dinners, camped, introduced Matt & I to our love for boating, had many late night game nights, been my kid's "uncle" away from home and even lived with us for a brief amount of time. I remember when he introduced us to Jess for the first time and just how nervous they were. Jess couldn't be marrying a better man.

Congrats guys. We hope to make it to Arizona soon!

The cute couple.
Why does Matt seem to like this pose?
Paul and Jess "wowed" us with their dancing. They had been taking dance lessons and their instructor choreographed their wedding dance for them.

The other cute couple... us!!
Paul & I.

Showing off my new dress in the room. DH actually found the dress for me and my boobs even fit in it!


Nell @ Casual Friday Every said...

That dress is very pretty! Great tan, too ;)

Jamie said...

Cute dress!! Glad you had a great time and I am sure it was even better because the kids were left at home. That means you got to actually enjoy a wedding! haha

lil ole' me..... said...

That is a cute dress. I'm impressed that your husband found it! :)
Looks like y'all had fun at the wedding!

SuperMom said...

You look lovely!

And, hey, Burlington is only fifteen minutes away from where I grew up! Where was the wedding????

Spice said...

Great pictures. Alexis, you're SO tan girl!

Marcia said...

Alexis, that dress is beautiful and you look gorgeous!!!!

Organising queen and
Take charge blogs

Erin said...

Great dress!! I thought I had a good tan already, but you way surpass me. Looks good!