Friday, July 20, 2007

On The Road–– Yes Again

Sunday morning we are leaving with the chickens to go back to our old stomping grounds. We are going to Illinois for 6 days then back to Ohio for 9 days to visit our family and go to Put-In-Bay with a group of college friends.

I went back to Illinois for a few days for work back in February but this will be the first time Emily will be back (besides a 1 day deal last November) since the big move last August. It seems like just yesterday we were packing up the moving truck and making our way tearfully to NC. I could tell today Emily was starting to get upset about having to go and then leave again. But it is my guess in the end she will realize that things aren't all that bad here.

I am excited to get to go back and visit for an extended period of time and see everyone, but it is also gets stressful trying to get everything done that we want to do. I have to fit in a visit to the office for where I do freelance work, 2 gymnastics practices for Emily, and seeing everyone. It also is hard because I know I will have to leave and most likely not see many of these people for another year **sniff sniff**. And probably the worst part is I know Emily will cry and I hate it when my kids are hurting and I can't fix it.

Of course I will post lots of pictures along our Midwest journey. Until then, I will leave you with some parting memories from our move a year ago.

Val and I at our hangout "Robbies".
Leesha and Sami at our goodbye dinner.
Tina and Carla being goofy as usual.
Kleenex and wine... the staple of Summer of 2006.
Emily and the girls TPing their coach's house.
Emily and some of the team on her last day.
Sam and Noah didn't know what to think.
Sam, Hannah and Ashley in the empty family room.

Emily and Maia.
I don't know why, but I love this picture. I wonder what thoughts were running through Chris's head as they drove the semi away. (This couch got to go live at Jamie's house)
Jamie, Val and my last picture together **sniff sniff**
The end of a 4 year journey. Our last family picture at Cedar Hill Drive.


Tammy said...

Hi...I stopped by once before and had you bookmarked, and thought I'd drop over this morning. I'm so glad I did, because as I was scrolling down to see the title, "Storkie reunion", I thought, could she mean Storkent? Because when I was pregnant with my first daughter eight and a half years ago, I found this place and made such great connection with other moms and moms to be- that we remained in touch and had our own board until my oldest was about four. I had just been thinking about them and wondered how some of them are doing...and we use to call it Storkie reunions when we met each other, too! :)

I loved all of the pictures of this post and the last seems your family made some incredible friends and connections in the midwest, as well as having family there...
We live in the Northwest and mostly love it- except we are getting the well-known rain right now!

Stop by any time! Blessings!

Jamie said...

Sniff sniff wow can't believe its been a year! We can't wait to see you. Count down clock has been started

mama2dibs said...

That post made me want to cry. Why? Because it has been almost a year since we moved and I can't put up a post like this. I didn't enjoy Indiana like you did Illinois. And the saddest part? I don't hate Indiana anymore, but I still don't really want to move back and that might be what has to happen if we don't get our crazy house sold. We have it listed at $25,000 under what we paid for it now. So, grr! God still has a little time to work so I will just trust him to come through at the last moment and know that WHATEVER happens it's within God's will.

lil ole' me..... said...

Back to the midwest for a visit, huh?! Gotta love IL :)
I love the pictures you posted! Maia looks so little in the picture with your daughter!
Oh, and they look like master tp-ers!
Hope you and your family have a great trip "home"!

momsblogging said...

Kleenez and whine...gotta love it!