Monday, August 20, 2007

And He's Off Again...

After flight delays and Matt forgetting to have booked both a rental car and hotel he is off for the next 2 weeks to Illinois then Japan. I am sure the next two weeks will fly by with the start of school, practices, meetings and a bunch of things on my to-do list.

So what is all on my agenda over the next two weeks?
  • Finish buying the kids school supplies and last few items needed for school
  • Open houses at both Em and Chris's school
  • Help host teacher's supper at Chris's school on Thursday
  • Gymnastics and football practices
  • Prepare for Gymnastics Booster Club board and general membership meetings. (I may have forgotten to mention that I have been elected president- gulp)
  • Organize pancake breakfast fundraiser
  • Organize all photos on computer and online
  • Clean and organize office & receipts
  • Work on three large projects for work
  • Thoroughly clean house top to bottom
  • Organize master bathroom cupboards
  • Go through Sam's clothes and pull out outgrown clothing
  • Organize music on ipod
  • Pick out paint colors for house
  • Help neighbor pick out new kitchen sinks
  • Finish books for reading challenge
That should keep me busy... ya think?


Jenster said...

I followed you over from "Let's Gab" and had to take a peak. I see you're a writer, a reader and a Christian - not necessarily in that order. Me too!

Good luck with getting all that stuff done!

Jennifer said...

Now that's a list..that's what I talking about. I love getting things like that done....

Ladies, what is it though, when our hubbies leave, we go on a cleaning/organizing frenzy? I think all woman do this...I wonder if we left for 2 weeks our hubbies would do the same~????...WOW, what just happen? O.k. I'm back from fantasy land.......:)


mama2dibs said...

At least you have a list of things to keep your mind busy. That should help pass the time a LOT!

lil ole' me..... said...

Yeah, all of that should keep you busy, if not temporarily insane!
Good luck with all of your tasks!!!
Whew- made me tired just reading about them!! :)

it's me, Val said...

Can I help you with the paint colors? Only if you'll help me with my list!

LiLi said...

I honestly do not know how you and Val do it, having husbands that travel so far away and for such long periods of time. Matt leaves for Chicago tomorrow, will be home Wednesday, and I'm miserable. I just don't want him gone. My house feels cold without his presence. Being pregnant, probably doesn't help with my issues... lol hormones are crazy right now.

I'd say you have yourself quite a to do list! While my Matt is gone, I plan to get up and feed the kids daily, get Maegan registered for soccer, and try to make it through each day without tears (easier said than done right now, as even stupid commercials make me cry!). I am hoping my best friend does NOT have her twins while Matt is gone, because I really want to be there for her when she has them, and if he isn't here, I do NOT want to cart the kids to the hospital.

Glad you are staying busy, and I can't wait to hear how the first days of school turn out! :D Have a ball!!!