Thursday, August 30, 2007

Just How Long Does It Take To Build A House?

That is the question of the year in our subdivision. The house that is closest to me has been being built for a year now. It appears that they may have finished the floors, but then again that is the rumor I have heard for a month now. No concrete has been poured. No appliances and fixtures. No landscaping. Heck there isn't even locks yet.

I am not really sure what all the vehicles with van racks do each time they come because the house isn't any closer to being done than it was 3 months ago. (Did I mention they started this house LAST August?)

So what is the big deal? First it just doesn't look very nice. Yes I am all for aesthetics. Second, it gets a little annoying to have people sawing and blaring their music at 6:30 am on a Saturday. For some reason they don't work any normal hours or even everyday, but rather when I actually am wanting to sleep. Go figure. And third, this crew seems incapable of using a trash can. Rather anywhere in the yard is a good place for their trash. Which in return blows into my yard. Lastly, I would like some neighbors. Preferably someone with a kids my kid's ages. Well just as long as it isn't a boy Emily's age.

Since we do not live within any city limits we can't complain to anyone. And forget our home owners association. Nothing is written in our covenants and even if there was, we are just establishing our association from the builder.

So I guess maybe in about 3 years I will be posting about some really cool neighbors. Because I am not holding my breath for anything being done before then.


Tracey said...

Oh I can sympathize with the construction frustrations! We are only the fourth family to move into our development, so there are houses being built all over the place. I hate the trash more than anything! During a storm 3 weeks ago some foam sheeting blew into the lots across from us. They are still there and it looks horrible. Yes, the pre-construction pricing makes up for a lot, but I hate the construction.

Michelle said...

Man, that stinks!

Hopefully you can tell us all about your cool new neighbors sooner rather than later!!

Michelle said...

Oh, and hopefully they will not have a junior high aged boy!! :)

oh amanda said...

How weird that it's been left for so long!

Jamie said...

When I was there I couldn't believe it wasn't done!! I guess they aren't so interested in getting their money back anytime soon. Good wishes for a speedy finish in the very near future and new neighbors by next spring?

it's me, Val said...

Wishing for good neighbors :)