Thursday, September 20, 2007

"Flipping Cross Country"

Emily's gymnastics team has been given the opportunity to compete in one of the nation's largest gymnastics meets in January. Wanna guess where we are going? I'll give you a few hints.
  • You will need coins.
Nope not Atlantic City.
  • Lots of shows.
Nope not Branson Missouri.
  • You can travel the world in just this one city.
Tired of guessing? I guess I can tell you. We are going to LAS VEGAS!!!

There are 12 girls traveling and let me tell you, most of these kids have no idea where Las Vegas is, but they know they get to ride on an airplane, for a long time, to get there. They also know that the gym
Nastia Liukin (the Carly Patterson of this upcoming Olympics) is from will be there. And boy are they excited.

I have to say I am very proud of my daughter. This will be an expensive trip between airfare, hotel, food, meet entry expenses, and spending money. She told us that she would trade in her Christmas presents and birthday presents (her b-day is in Jan.) towards the trip if that would help us decide to let her go. She also has told my parents the same. And she has offered to help work the fundraisers the gym is having to help go towards the trip.
I, of course, will be a chaperon so it will be a neat mother/daughter experience for us.

We booked our tickets tonight, so watch out Vegas... the Jacobs' gals are coming to town.


LiLi said...

that is TOO cool!!! Have fun ladies!

CDPJ said...

That's fantastic, Alexis! My cousin's daughter had the opportunity to travel for gymnastics at one point and they had to pass it up because of the cost. I felt so bad for her... your daughter is so sweet to forego presents for the chance to go. Good luck to her!

Jennifer said...

oh how exciting! can I hop in your suitcase?;)

lil ole' me..... said...

How exciting!!!
Vegas should be fun. I've never been.....
I bet your daughter is counting the days!!!

Erin said...

Lucky girls! I was in Vegas last year and it was so much fun. So much to see and do. Hope you have some extra time away from the meets to do some exploring. We stayed at the Luxor (definitely go look at it, very neat) and it's fun looking at all the hotels.

SuperMom said...

Oh my land, congratulations!!! That's SO exciting!

mama2dibs said...

Sounds fun!