Thursday, September 20, 2007

The "Craze"

First it was Webkinz. Even Sam jumped on the Webkinz bandwagon. So what if she can't spell her name. By golly she was going to have her own virtual pet and make him a house, feed him and play games with him. And not just one Webkinz was enough. Oh no, they wanted several of them. The girls still are in the Webkinz craze, but Chris has moved into bigger and better things... heelys.

For those who may not have children or have children not old enough to walk or run, let me tell you what exactly is a heely. It is a tennis shoe that has a compartment in the sole that a roller pops out of, turning the show into basically roller skates. I do not understand the craze, but I guess it is similar to the rollerblades craze when I was in college. Even Matt had rollerblades. (Imagine that pretty site) So Chris wants these Heely shoes, but I find it hard to drop $90 on a pair of shoes, even if it does serve two purposes. So last weekend at our neighborhood garage sale I let Chris buy a pair off one of the neighbors. Of course they were a girls pair, so I threw in a magic marker and told him to go to town coloring it. After all it was better than the safety utility knife he was begging me to buy.

Ahhh... gotta love kids.


Jennifer said...

too funny, yes I know about both of those Craze..however neither has hit our house though..there is so many off brands to Heelys, but if your kids are Brand name crazers, then that don't work...then that when they need to "work" for those shoes...hehe

lil ole' me..... said...

I didn't know what those shoes were called. I see kids on them in the mall all the time.

My niece jumped on the Webkins bandwagon. She has a panda. It amazes me how computer literate kids are now days!!!

Erin said...

I've seen lots of those shoes around and in fact the other day, Ella was so enthralled by a girl using a pair and she asked what they were. She's just going to have to wait a few more years (not dropping that kind of money on a four year old!).

Amanda said...

My 27 year old brother got heelies for Christmas last year!

Jamie said...

I have seen a few pairs around here but not sure I could call it a craze....but let me say thats much better than his other option for something to take up free time..... you crack me up. and thats all I will say

mama2dibs said... be young again.

Anyway, I've heard one "expert" put the money issue this way. Set your limits and if what they want goes above that limit, they have to pay the difference from their own money. It makes the kids think about budgeting too. I don't know...Libby's not old enough for all of that yet so I'm going blind on this one. Just thought it was a good idea.