Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Power Outage

A few people have emailed me asking why I have been MIA these past several days. Well here is a glimpse of why.

A few weeks ago I somehow managed to split my power cord to my laptop. DH claims it is because it seems to be attached to my hip and I have just over worked it –– whatever. So I had this injured power cord, but it managed to still work until I noticed smoke and small flames shooting out from it one afternoon. I immediately pulled it from the laptop and shut everything down.

I show my wonderful husband and of course he says "You don't need to order a new one honey. I'm super computer fixer-man and can fix it!" And dummy me, too worried about losing everything that I had not backed up on my laptop says "How I love you so! Please do." Okay maybe not in those exact words, but you get my point.

So after some soddering and heavy electrical tape you can see in the photo above everything appeared to work fine. At this point I **should** have ordered a new cord knowing that this was only a temporary fix. But should and doing are two different things. So Monday I was happily typing away when all of a sudden the connection between the power cord and the laptop completely goes out. And since my battery was damaged during the mini flame and smoke incident my laptop died in about 15 minutes.

My new power cord is set to arrive tomorrow via UPS and hopefully a new battery soon after. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that I somehow didn't damage my laptop in my stupidity. Until then I am forced to use my desktop computer in the office, where I have none of my files, bookmarks, address books and have a ton of work to complete (you know it would be too hard for me to have made sure both of my computers were synced and backed up together).

In the meantime, since I have actually been using my office, I have decided that I am in need of a new desk and reorganizing this room. Now that Sam is at preschool and I can actually be in here more often I want to make it more usable. Of course finding the time to do such a task may be difficult in the coming weeks. So if anyone has any favorite home furniture stores that have nice, yet cost effective desks let me know.


Jennifer said...

i love Targets their desk, I think you will too..check them out!

in the mean time, I'll be praying for ya:)

Michelle said...

You had open flames!! Holy moly! Hopefully everything on the laptop will be alright! :)

Good luck finding office furniture. I really love ours, its Ashley furniture. Not real cheap, but its great quality and looks very nice!

LiLi said...

I had to laugh... That was soooooo a Lisa & Matt conversation about the power cord! Hahaha Maybe all Matt's just think they can fix everything, but in all honesty, it's best left to the professional! ;) I'm glad you'll be getting your power cord shortly!

As for furniture, I like Pottery Barn, but it is pretty pricey!

oh amanda said...

Isn't that the worst?

Have you looked at ikea for furniture?

it's me, Val said...

Sorry all that happened :( Just glad your hard drive is still intact.

I have a pottery barn desk which I LOVE because it's just got awesome organization in the desk. Outside of my desk, well, that's another story. I need help also. Leann said she was going to come over and help me organize. She's great at that. For some reason I'm attracted to friends who organize well. I guess it's just a complementary piece to what I am not! :) If I learn a new skill, I'll pass it on to you! :) good luck!