Sunday, September 09, 2007

Festival Fun

Today's Emily's competitive gymnastics team did a demonstration at the Angier Crepe Myrtle Festival so we decided to go a bit early for some "fair food" and free real estate promotional pens. Okay so the food was the real reason, the free pens were just just a bonus.

Only two weeks until her first meet of the competition season. I hope she is less nervous than I am.

Sami and daddy watching a clown perform.
Emily and three other gymnastics pals rode "The Cartwheel". Matt and I laughed because the ride wasn't operated by electric or a switch. Rather the man in the shirt just spun the cage around by hand, switching directions back and forth. Only in North Carolina.
Mr. Jack giving a last few directions. Notice how attentive the kids are being.
Emily showing the corwn a handstand forward roll. If only we all had leg muscles like these girls.
Emily landing her back handspring back tuck.


Jamie said...

Go Em!!! How exciting to be a part of things like this. So what else did they have? What does it compare to? And loved the picture of the EXCITING ride lmfao!!!!

it's me, Val said...

What are you talking about?! you DO have the leg muscles. You are a goober, Miss I-have-the-best-mom-body ever! :o)

And I would have went there, too, for the pens. Pens rock. Always a great incentive for me, too. I just got back from Staples and were drooling over some cool pens. I bought a pack of colorful ones for work, but the "work" part is just an excuse to get them, really.

Miss ya.

oh amanda said...

Awesome! I did gymnastics...but only mastered the cartwheel and backbend. She's a cutie!