Monday, September 24, 2007

What a week

Shew... finally the week is over. Our gym hosted the first competitive meet of the season yesterday and as the Booster Club president I was in charge of half of the meet. So my past few days consisted of shopping, making phone calls, scheduling workers, setting up, tearing down, cooking and lots of other stuff in between. And in the middle of that we had football and gymnastics practices, Emily's first school dance, I managed to break my cell phone, school, homework, my work and a trip to the park.

But here are a few pictures and updates from the past few days.

Here is Emily before the dance. She had to get ready at the gym as she was having her final practice before her Saturday meet.
Another picture of my gorgeous girl. I think I needed a portable oxygen concentrator to revive Matt when he saw how gorgous his daughter looked.
My insomniac son helped me cook 10 pounds of penne pasta for the meet at 11 pm. What a guy!
Here is Emily and the other level 6 girls after the competition. Cool glasses, huh? Can you guess the meet theme?
Emily without the goofy glasses.
Emily got a 9.05 on the balance beam. She was .05 shy of getting first place. She had an awesome first meet, placing 4th in the all-around.
Sami decided that she couldn't go to bed without doing "homework". She feel asleep instead.
We took the boat out today for some R&R. As you can see the small amount of rain we had a few weeks ago did nothing. The water level is usually up to the big trees. Some of the towns get their water from this lake. The lake is only half boatable as it is now... a few more weeks and it will be unusable and the latest calculations gives Raleigh water until mid-December. However I am NOT praying for rain after my last little experience.


mama2dibs said...

My guess is that you did NO reading this past week...or at least very little of it. :) Emily is gorgeous. It makes me want to cry because I know some day that will be my Libby.

lil ole' me..... said...

You have been so busy!
Hope you get to slow down this week. :)

Michelle said...

What a week! Emily is such a beautiful young lady! I hope she had a fun time at the dance, and good for her for doing so well at the competition--and to you for helping make it happen! :)

it's me, Val said...

Oh my goodness, that picture of her in those glasses looks like YOU!!!!

Glad you made it through the week.