Monday, October 22, 2007

Taking Time for R & R

Yes I have been MIA again. Sometimes we just need to take a break for some R & R. It is hard when we have so much going on and so many things to do, but sometimes it is exactly what we need. I spent the past four days with some dear college friends, and while I have come home to three projects that need to be done by noon tomorrow (yes I will be pulling an all-nighter), it was nice to just get away from all the day to day junk.

I will wait to tell you all the details until I get my pictures uploaded and ones sent from my gal pals, but let me just say it includes sand, parasailing, karaoking, Sloopy, dancing and a little Jimmy Buffett.

Until then it is back to watching the Indians game and trying to work on these projects.


Erin said...

Can't wait to see pictures of your time with friends, sounds like a blast. And this is totally a suck-up comment because I don't want to be put on ignore : ) Wish you could have been at the party it was so fun.

Jennifer said...

Hey..looks like fun, oh wait a minute it was, I did that before a couple times..Love it!!
I almost jumped out of a crazy is that? Well I was sick the day of the jump:( you talk about bummed out. I was going to jump in Austria!!! Oh well that was 10+ yrs. ago, I've been over that for sometime now...a least a week...heheh
You may have scared the planters wart out of you body too?

Glad you had a great weekend..looks like fun!