Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Trying to Get Rid of a Friend

I have had this friend tagging along with me for several months now. At first I didn't pay any attention to him. It seemed like a small issue at the time. But I was mistaken. This isn't a small issue, but rather a pretty big, painful one.

I have a planters wart. Yes. A. Wart. A nasty disgusting wart right on the ball of my foot. So every time I walk it gets rubbed. And now it is to the point where just putting pressure on it sends a shooting pain down my foot. It hurts –– Alot.

Yes I know I have ugly feet. But I tend to find feet nasty in general. But I digress. Anyways, I have used a burning kit on it and when I saw the dr last week she said it appeared to be drying out. But that it will take time to fall out. Obviously a general family doctor didn't study podiatry much because it isn't going anywhere.

How do I ditch this friend? I have found him to hindering rather than helpful. Someone suggested trying some natural things from garden of life. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.


Deborah said...

OMG, I had to reply. I have had one of those suckers for...are you ready?
> wait for it...
SEVEN years.

I have used OTC things on it - which would reduce it but never get rid of it entirely.

I had the doctor freeze it off and it came back immediately.

Three weeks ago, I had another doctor (dermatologist) slice the top off of it and pour acid in there (yeah, it felt as good as it sounds), and while it is mostly gone, I can still see/feel a bit of it. So now I'm back to OTC stuff (those Dr. Scholl's things), hoping to eradicate the last of it.

Seriously, though, I think this thing will be with me until the day I die. Hope yours is less tenacious than mine!

K C (sn) said...

My Sam had one. We soaked it often and then used an emery board/nail file to smoooth off the dead skin. Not sure if it was luck, or maybe it did work!!! It's gone now!

paulickfam said...

Okay, I had to respond. Believe it or not - duct tape. We have 4 kids, all in swimming and they get warts all the time. We put duct tape on it and it smothers the things to death. We use the OTC freezing stuff, then duct tape over it and after about 2 weeks, they are gone, every time. Hope it helps and good luck ditching your visitor.

LiLi said...

I'm going to have to second the duct tape! NO LIE, it works!!!! 2 weeks, YOU HAVE TO REAPPLY IT FOR 2 WEEKS, but it WORKS!!!! You don't even have to freeze them first, I promise! Just use the duct tape, it WORKS!!!

Tiff said...

I had one that kept coming back. And man oh man it hurt. I had it cut out by a podiatrist and it has never come back. Good luck hon, I hope it goes away fast. I know those things are mega painful!

Johanna said...


I was a swimmer growing up and I had more planters warts that I care to share. The ONLY thing that works is duct tape. I know that sounds so weird, but it makes those suckers die!! They are Way contageous too, so just a little something to keep in mind in the shower. :) Good luck!

Aimee said...

I thankfully can say that I've never had one. My daughter has though. Her doctor told us to soak it, file it with an emery board, put Compound W on it, and then apply a band-aid. That worked for us. You have to be consistent with it though. Good Luck!

Angie Buckingham said...

I know you don't know me but I read your blog from time to time (my sister sent it to me a while back because of something on there she thought I would find neat..but anyway on the planters wart..very painful and I too did everything I could to just 'stand it' and finally I couldn't take it anymore..I was pregnant at the time and went to the doctor about it. The numbing of my foot (right in the center of the wart which is AWFUL) was the worst. But after that even almost to the point of immediate of leaving the doctors healed and disappeared! Like I said the numbing of it was the worst but I would do it again in a milli-second after seeing all the stuff I tried yes, even duct tape..but found it always came back at some point. I had this one removed 8 years ago and have had no signs of one again..good luck!

it's me, Val said...

jo knows what she is talking about -- believe me! :) (I'm only saying that because I have no idea how to get rid of 'em and she is one the smartest chics I know!)