Thursday, November 29, 2007

7 Things About Me

I was tagged over at Lady Like's blog for a "7 Things About Me" tag. I haven't done a meme in a while so I thought it would be fun.
  1. I have never had stitches (unless you count from childbirth). This is a very good thing considering I am deathly afraid of needles. And when I say afraid, I really mean afraid.
  2. I am a Mac girl all the way. I have never owned anything but a Mac. And my experience on a PC is very very limited. I remember learning about computers on the first Apple IIe and Apple IIc's with the big huge floppy disks. Oh how I loved playing the game "Brick". I think my dad still have a few of those computers laying around our house.
  3. I lettered in track in high school and was Athlete of the Week in our local newspaper. You would never know that today. I keep saying I am going to run a 5k, but somehow I just keep pushing that off to the "things to do next year" list.
  4. I have got to be one of the best resale shop/clearance rack clothes shoppers around. I love thumbing through all the racks of clothes marked with those pretty red or yellow clearance rack signs. And resale shops... LOVE them. I have gotten some amazing finds at resale shops. Yesterday I got an over $100 sweater for $10, and two killer pair of shoes for $5 each. And I am contemplating going back for a pair that I saw but was just not sure when I saw how high the heel was.
  5. I leave in just FOUR days for Illinois! I have to go back for some training and meetings at Caterpillar (I do contract work for them) but what I am really looking forward to is seeing all my friends and hanging out at all our old places. Shopping, movies, eating, walking through the shops downtown and sitting around and just catching up. I can't wait. The only thing I am not looking forward to is the weather. It will be 20+ degrees colder there than here. Yuck.
  6. My goal is to visit all 50 states before I die. Not just driving through, but stopping and doing something in each state. So far I have been to 29 of the 50, not bad huh? I have not been to any of the New England states nor have I been to the western states of Washington, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah or the Dakotas. Then of course there is Hawaii and Alaska. It's a good excuse to ask for some really cool new Swiss Army luggage for Christmas.
  7. I absolutely hate snow. The only day I like snow is on Christmas Day and only from looking out my window. I hate to ski, sled, tube, ice skate, snowmobile... anything that involves snow. It is cold, wet and just nasty. Yuck, yuck yuck. How I lived up North for 30 years I don't know.
That was pretty painless. And now, Tag! You're it!


Kelly @ Love Well said...

I relate on #1. My only stitches have come from childbirth. But I'm thankful to have such a boring health history!

SuperMom said...

You know, I always thought I was a four seasons type of gal but today here in Wisconsin, on our first really cold day of the year, I'm ready to pack it all in and move south. Already!

I hope I'll see some pics of you and Val blogging together! :)

Jennifer said...

I am so scared of needles that I didn't go to the hospital for childbirth.

I have been to a mall in every state except Hawaii.

I love really high high heels. I look like a prostitute when I wear them, but I still like them. I wear them around the house sometimes just for fun.

Your answers are great. Have a wonderful night.