Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Do you like soup?

I have been on a soup kick the past few days. Of course with the temps reaching almost 80 degrees the next two days, I doubt I will be making anymore for a while. But hey it was good for something different.

For all you soup lovers I thought I would pass along my recipes to you. Enjoy!

Potato Cheese Soup
2 lg russet potatoes
2 tbs finely minced celery
1 tbs finely minced onion
1 tbs grated carrot
2 cups (1 can) chicken broth
1 tsp salt
2 tsp white vinegar
2 tbs flour
1 1/2 cup milk
1 cup plus 1 tbs shredded Cheddar cheese
1 tbs shredded Monterey Jack cheese
2 slices bacon cooked
1 tbs chopped green onion

Peel potatoes and chop into bite sized pieces Combine vegetables with chicken broth, salt, and vinegar in large sauce pan over med. Heat. Bring to a boil then turn down heat cover pan and simmer 20 min.

Whisk together flour and milk in bowl.
Remove the pan of veggies and broth from heat and add flour mixture. Put pan back on heat and simmer uncovered 5-8 min or until soup has thickened.

Add 1 cup cheese and simmer till melted. By this time potatoes should be tender and falling apart. If not continue to cook until soup is thick.

To serve spoon into bowls and garnish with cheese, bacon and green onion.
Serves 4 as appetizer 2 as entree (I double the recipe and it is enough for the whole family)

Tortilla Soup
2 Tbsp. Zesty Italian Dressing
2 cloves garlic minced
2 cans (14-1/2 oz. each) fat-free reduced-sodium chicken broth
1-1/2 cups water
6 frozen small boneless skinless chicken breast halves (1-1/2 lb.)
1 can (15 oz.) tomato sauce
Cumin powder to taste (optional)
4 cups tortilla chips (about 6 oz.), coarsely crushed
1/2 cup Shredded Cheddar & Monterey Jack Cheese
1/3 cup Sour Cream
1 large avocado, peeled, pitted and chopped (optional)
2 Tbsp chopped fresh cilantro (optional)

Mix dressing and garlic in large saucepan; cook on medium-high heat 1 min., stirring occasionally. Gradually add broth and water, stirring until well blended. Add chicken. Bring to boil. Reduce heat to medium-low; simmer 20 min. or until chicken is cooked through (165°F). Remove chicken from broth mixture; cool slightly. Pour broth through a fine-mesh strainer; return broth to pan.

Shred chicken; return to pan. Stir in tomato sauce. Add cumin. Cook on medium-high heat until heated through, stirring occasionally.
Serve topped with remaining ingredients.


Spice said...

Mmmmmm, both soups sound so tasty!

Aimee said...

Yum! They both sound good! I'll be giving those a try!

CDPJ said...

Yum and yum! I love soup, especially this time of year. I am totally stealing both of these recipes!! Thanks for sharing!

Erin said...

Definitely going to be trying those in the upcoming cold months : )

Jamie said...

I know from first hand experience those soups are Awesome!!