Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Just how green are you?

Unless you have been living under a rock the past year or so you know that there is a huge push for us to lean more towards a "green" lifestyle. I know we have made a conscious effort to help conserve our natural resources. No, we aren't wearing hemp clothes (even though I do own a cool pair of hemp sandals), eating tofu and making our own tampons. But we are doing things like:
  • Recycling when possible (we do not have recycle pick up here however we will take it somewhere)
  • Buying recycled paper and other office and kitchen products (I stop at recycled toilet paper though)
  • Use a copier place that uses recycled paper and soy ink
  • Turn off all light switches when not in the room
  • Watch our water usage and shut off water that we normally leave running (dishes, brushing teeth, etc) Of course the drought restrictions help us to this as well
  • Carpool for things like gymnastics and monitor driving in general. Granted the sudden spike in gas prices helps too.
For those who like or are leaning more towards a greener lifestyle, I have found a cool site and blog that talks alot about "going green". offers hundreds of eco friendly products. You will find lots of top notch information from sources like the EPA and US Dept. of Energy along with a going green blog. It is a great place for some good information on how to start conserving.

What kind of green things do you do in your house?

live greener products


paulickfam said...

Alexis, this is a great topic. My husband is a builder and is a freak when it comes to eco-friendly everything. We have already upgraded our furnace, water filtration, put bricks in our toilet tanks, buckets for the tub when the water is warming up (we use it for watering plants and stuff). With 4 kids, our weekly garbage is down to 1 1/2 bags and 2 full recycle containers. There is so much a family can do! Thank you for the blog.

Deborah said...

very cool post, Alexis! I posted a few weeks back about the small changes my family is making toward effecting change. Here's my post:

it's me, Val said...

Another easy way to save energy. Unplug chargers when you aren't charging. Like camera battery chargers or phone chargers, computer chargers, etc. . .

it's me, Val said...

p.s. Seventh Generation makes wonderful green products. Neil use to sell product to them and went to visit their headquarters quite often. GREAT company. And they give a lot of donations to charities. I've used their diapers (not that youre going to be using them again!) and their TP is actually okay, too!! :c) Try it!