Friday, November 16, 2007

THE Ohio State University

So my Buckeyes lost last week and yes they lost to Illinois (thanks for all the emails my Illinois pals) but they have done way more this year than ever expected. They were picked to finish 4th in the Big 10 and if they even finished ranked by the end of the season it would be surprising. Instead they are going into their last game, with only 1 loss and ranked #7.

So Saturday is the big Ohio State versus Michigan rivalry game. This year it is at Michigan. It will be hard, but in the end I think the Buckeyes will prevail. Rather than harping on how awesome Ohio State is, I am going to take a walk down memory lane. (Prepare yourself for long drivel)

Some of my earliest memories are of Ohio State, after all I was conceived at Ohio State after a football game (And yes my mother informs me of this all the time as we drive pass the "magical" place) We used to drive to Columbus often when I was a kid to just walk around the campus. It really is such a pretty campus. I remember walking past Mirror Lake and knowing that this was where I was going to someday go to college.

Mirror Lake during the fall.

I used to go to football games with my parents (you know back when fans could actually get tickets) and remember not really understanding what was going on down on the field but getting caught up in all the action. Going to Columbus on a home football Saturday is really something you need to experience to fully understand what I am saying. I have pictures of my brother and I standing with these huge football players on picture days. My first crush was on a walk-on Ohio State football player named Matt McCoy (Hey, I was in like 4th grade!) I am still hoping that one day my parents will love Matt and I so much that they will give us their season tickets.

Ohio State Stadium

When it came time to apply to college my parents offered to take me to visit a bunch of colleges. I never stepped foot on another campus as I knew I was always going to be a Buckeye. I remember being so excited when it was actually time to leave for college. It was scary as I had grown up in the same house all my life and lived in a small, sheltered town and there I was heading for a school with over 50,000 students.

Morrill Tower, my dorm for the first two years of college. Ah dorm living... some real luxury homes

The memories of the 5 years I was in college are endless. I met Matt there, our first child was conceived there (now you know how it feels to hear it mom) and born at the university hospital. I had my first real drinking experience and my first ambulance ride there. I was on TV with a very embarrassing job I had sweeping the basketball floors at timeouts and during halftime. I rushed the field and got maced after the huge 1994 win against Michigan. Middle of the night runs to Mejers, playing poker with football players, road trips, playing footsie with Matt under the table at the engineering library, Matt and I taking Emily and Kylee (our dog) for walks across the oval, decorating our dorm, frat parties and all night cram sessions with $4.95 Papa John Pizza's. Matt and I camped out for two days just to get Rose Bowl tickets. I met some of my closest and dearest friends there. I got my education there, I experienced and learned about life there.

Since graduating we have tailgated and gone to football games. We took a roadtrip to the National Championship football game in Arizona back in January 2003 with 4 of our close friends. We have walked our kids across the campus many times, telling them the memories we have. Our kids are die-hard buckeye fans. Who knows, maybe one of them will someday have a reason to buy me an OSU Mom sweatshirt.

These are just a few of the hundreds of memories I have. Rather than posting a video (have I told you how much I love youtube?) promoting the team and the big game this weekend I want to share a song that brings tears to my eyes almost every time I hear it. Ohio State's alma matter, Carmen Ohio.

Go Buckeyes!!! Beat scUM!


SuperMom said...

I know nothing about college football other than I think I, as a Wisconsin Badger, am not supposed to like the Buckeyes... am I?

In any event, I hope you have a good outcome this weekend (just don't tell Superdad I said that!).

mama2dibs said...

I wish I had enjoyed my college experience. I am glad that one of my best friend's had the opportunity to enjoy OSU! She was in TBDBITL and I know that she will have memories that will ALWAYS stick with her.

it's me, Val said...

I know how you feel . . . I feel the same about my school . . :) I also feel a strong connection with U of I since I grew up with it being 30 mins away, going to all their games as a tot and about 75% of my family going there. Now I have to have a love in my heart for Oklahoma. Oh my, I'm on overload! Anyway, I understand your love. Same here. Just not for the Buckeyes!!!!

Johanna said...

I was thinking about you during the Illiniois vs. OSU game. Ask Val. I guess it is true that what goes around comes around. Remember 2 years ago when OSU beat Illinois in basketball and ruined our perfect season? Glad you bounced right back this weekend! Woo hoo!! Go Big Ten!