Monday, December 03, 2007

New Orleans Get Ready for the Buckeyes

It's official! Ohio State will play LSU on Jan. 7 in the National Championship football game. Who would have thought? Too bad Emily and I are flying back from Las Vegas that morning or it would be an awesome road trip. I wonder if we can "accidentally" miss our connection in Atlanta.

Go Buckeyes!!!

PS: Chel tell Brad to tell the team thanks. I guess I need to send not only the Sooners some cookies but West Virginia as well. Good luck in Arizona!!


Michelle said...

I will tell Brad to tell them! ;)

Good luck down in NO! It is not an easy place to play LSU--OU played there and lost in 03 and the Illini in 01--both to the Tigers! I will be rooting for the Buckeyes for sure!! (Only that day though :) )

mama2dibs said...

Who would have thunk it? What a year OSU has had. Craziness, but I sure will take it. Go Bucks!