Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Georgia On My Mind

Tomorrow I leave for my press conference in Atlanta. Yikes. I will be leaving here around 7:30am and driving to one of the client's offices in Greensboro and then riding with them and all the trade show and press materials to Atlanta. All in all it should be a 6.5 hour drive.

We will be driving back to Greensboro late Wednesday night where I will stay overnight and then drive to the local airport to pick up my good friend Kate and her daughter Matty for a weekend visit.

I am really, really nervous. I am the liaison between the media and the client and need to do whatever possible to get positive coverage on the unveiling of the new division. I will be the person "working the press conference." Over the weekend I had to write up a strategic proposal on what all the press conference will entail and what the main goals of the trip were. They must have liked it because it was forwarded to the VP. I am not used to people looking to me for advice and direction.

After this trip my project with this client comes to an end. If I am lucky there will be more work that develops out of this trip and future projects. But it is hard to say. So I guess it will be back to the "new business drawing board" next week.

I'll be taking my laptop and since I cannot sleep in a hotel (even with a big King bed all to myself) I am sure I will be checking in. Until then, have a great week!


CDJ said...

Good luck with your press conference (and the 6.5 hour drive with your client!!! Hope you like them :-)

Michelle said...

Good luck! Hope everything goes well! :)

it's me, Val said...

Makes me think of an episode of The Apprentice :) You're going to do great. Sorry I'm coming in late. Was a busy last few days. (Good thing, of course.) Can't wait to hear how it went!