Monday, January 21, 2008

Walking In a Winter Wonderland

Yesterday we were bracing for the "biggest snowfall in 4 years". At first a winter storm warning was issued for 2-4 inches and in some places maybe even 6 inches. Heck even Wilmington real estate was calling for some type of snow. Then it was downgraded to 1-3 inches. In the end all we got was a dusting. But in anticipation everything shut down. Chris's basketball game was canceled yesterday and church, Youth group and Awana's are all canceled for today. I even put flannel sheets on my bed to give us the more winter feel.

The kids were excited in hopes of seeing some real snow. In the end it didn't amount to much, but we still managed to have a mini snowball fight. I told them we still have lots of winter left for snow, but considering it will be 60 this weekend I somehow don't see it happening any time soon.

The snow started falling around 3:30 pm.
The snow was more slush than actual snow. But it looks cool in pictures.
The same railing around 8 pm. Cool, huh?
Our yard this morning when we woke up. The kids had hopes to waking up to a completely covered ground and building a snowman. Yep, not even close.


SuperMom said...

We only have about that much up here in Wisconsin! <:( Only, it's eleven degrees here instead of sixty, so I'm guessing our lack of snow isn't because it's too warm but, rather, too d*&m cold, LOL.

Glad you got out to enjoy it!

Kate said...

Ughhh! Snow! I'm so ready for spring! It's 6 (SIX!!!) degrees here in Baltimore, Maryland!

It's been a while since I've visited your blog...glad I found it again!

Jamie said...

Awww Poor Kids!! I imagine it's hard on them knowing what a real "snow day" is. And I am sure the native kids were talking non stop in excitement of the fun they will have and your kids standing outside in jeans and t's going "ummmm........"

Alexis Jacobs said...

Welcome back Kate!

Jen said...

Wow! Look at that snow. Crazy, isn't it!! I can't believe we got so much snow in Mississippi. Addison didn't play in it though. She has had a cold. So, "mean" mommy kept her inside where it was warm. :)

Michelle said...

I think it's so funny how the weather people down here do the same thing...get all excited over a "big" snow, that never really produces!! At least the kids got to have some fun in the little bit of snow you did get!

it's me, Val said...

That is kinda funny :)