Friday, February 08, 2008

It's..... Thursday!

I am finally excited about Thursday night tv again. After Friends went off the air I was, well, lost on Thursdays. Sure Survivor helped, but it just wasn't the same. Well folks we are back in action on Thursday nights because Jack and Sawyer have switched nights and have returned for a whole new season.

Lost's season premiere was last week, and wow! I am excited about what this season holds. Just from one episode I have so many questions. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the writer strike does end soon so we can get all 16 episodes instead of only the 8 already done. I need to fill my Lost addict. Maybe if I am lucky they will soon be running Lost reruns in the middle of the night.

For those Lost fans, and well those who are not, here is a little teaser to get you pumped for tonight. After watching, how can you not be a Lost junkie too? (Thanks for sharing Amanda)

Can you tell who my favorite character is? Yummmmmm-y.


oh amanda said...

Yummy, indeed!

Lisa said...

I too love Lost. Tonight I'm going to play Bunco, so Hubby better not watch Lost without me :)
I found your blog through Aimee's blog. Nice to meet you!