Monday, March 24, 2008

In the final stretch

Only 12 days until we leave –– that's it. I am starting to get very a wee bit nervous.

I have never been this far from my kids and that worries me out. What if something happens? It is a 19 hour flight back to the states, plus time getting back to North Carolina. Alot can happen in that time. What if they need to talk to us? With an 11 hour time difference, no cell phone and them having to dial internationally to the hotel who knows if they will be able to reach us.

My kids schedules are pretty busy. School, gymnastics, baseball, AWANAS, youth group, homework... I am worried that we will come home and find my mom babbling "ba ba ba ba" like Goldie Hawn in Overboard. However with my bound instruction manual for mom she should be okay (can we say anal?).

Let's reevaluate those hours on an airplane. We have a 2 hour flight to Chicago and then a 19 hour flight to Singapore. From there we have another hour flight to Phuket. Don't worry we do stop for fuel in Hong Kong, we just don't deplane (yes I am that pathetic and called to ask). Nineteen hours inside the same airplane. In my seat. With Matt. I have a horrible time sleeping on a plane and am a wee bit claustrophobic so who knows how this will go. I have thought about getting the Dr to give me something for my nerves, but I have this fear of having a bad reaction and dying somewhere over the ocean. Maybe there will be some cool commercial real estate magazines left behind for me to look through. You always find the most interesting items in airplane seat pockets.

Asia is a totally different place than anything I have ever been to before. Don't get me wrong, it will be amazing. But there are also alot of unknowns. Luckily Matt has been to Thailand before so he knows what to expect. He just told me to make sure I brush my teeth with bottled water and do not have any ice or vegetables or fruit off a street stand without washing it myself in bottled water and I should be okay. I'll just keep in the back of my mind the travel clinic nurse's warning to stay away from the rabid monkeys and wild dogs. And I will try not to think about what lives in the water over there. And I definitely won't Google anything.

Speaking of food, I do not eat anything that lives in water. Plus I am allergic to coconut. I may not eat for 10 days.

I know I am silly. I am getting an amazing life experience and I am excited. But the older I get the more type A and less adventurous I get. Plus add on the vast amounts of things I need to get done before my mom gets here in 8 days and it is a cause for guzzling Pepcid AC by the bottle.


Anonymous said...

I would be so like you if I were in the same boat. I swear I used to be a lot more laid back!

Deborah said...

you're going to have a great time!!!!

Your doctor can probably prescribe something to relax you for the plane rides. I'm terrified of flying and have found that taking 'a little something' just relaxes me and takes the edge off...

it's me, Val said...

I think the older we all get the more Type A we get. It will be okay. Your mom will be with the kids, so you know you have nothing to worry about. Just enjoy yourselves! And did you get that medication for flying??? Also, I bet anything you already have googled that!!! (I know you!!!!)

Jennifer said...

woow, it's coming up quick. I'm not sure I could leave my kids for that long with my mom(love her to death) she is just different than me when it comes to kids. Far more paranoid than myself!

But they will be fine, your mom will be fine..and you will be home showing us pictures before you know it...the way time flies....shhuuuu

we will say some prayers for you to be at peace about the whole trip.

and HAVE FUN. me just thinking about me and my hubby together with no kids gets me excited!!!!!!!!!!

Erin said...

Well, I hope these last 12 days go smooth and hopefully you can relax on the flights over there. I'll definitely send up prayers for you for health, safety and lots of fun!

Chel said...

I get SO much more freaked out by things now that I have kids. The world gets bigger and smaller all at the same time once we have to adjust our lives to those small beings. Take deep breaths... a little something for the plane... and lots of pictures.

Until then, I tagged you to play in a meme on my blog. Come on over and play. I swear, I'm not doing anything freaked out or adventurous over there. :)

lil ole' me..... said...

I would be a lil nervous too... but once you get there, you are going to have an amazing time!!!
I can't wait to see all the pictures and hear about your experiences!!! :)

And, just think of all the reading you can do on the plane!!! :)
Do you have some books picked out already?

Michelle said...

Well, it's getting closer and closer now! How much work is it to go on vacation though?! It's crazy the amount of time and effort you put into getting away, isn't it! It will all be worth it though! I'm sure you will have a super great time and that everything will go smoothly at home while you are away!