Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's All About, Well, Progression

I bet my checking account the next American Idol will be... David! Tonight was the American Idol duel-off between David and David. Both are amazingly talented young men.

David Archuletta is a 17 year old kid from Utah, who just happens to be a past winner on Star Search. He came in sounding awesome and ended tonight sounding the exact same –– awesome.

David Cook is a 25 year old bartender. He describes himself as a "word nerd" and is probably the only one in history of American Idol to use the word "trite" on national television. He started off the season almost getting voted off. Each week he has gotten better. Taking the song and spinning it into "him". As he said tonight, this show is all about progression. And I 100 percent agree.

Both will do awesome no matter how the vote goes tomorrow. But if you look at the season as a whole, what this show truly is about, then David Cook is the clear cut winner.


Headless Mom said...

Agree on DC-the full season winner, for sure.

And on another note- your headder ROCKS!

Spice said...

Archuletta fan here!

Tammy said...

I will be too disappointed if the little David wins. He's just not my type. I definitely would buy David C's albums!