Monday, June 16, 2008

Kibbles and Bits

I hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day! I have been blessed with one of the best dads ever and now I am married to an amazing dad as well.

Just a few Kibbles & Bits on this Sunday evening!
  • We leave for the beach in 6 days. I am so excited. We have gone every year but once since 2000 to Oak Island, NC. A bunch of us from college, plus their friends and family, go down and rent a bunch of houses all in a row for a week. Luckily we live only 2.5 hours away, compared to the 18 hours when we lived in Illinois. Can we say cheap gas budget? I will then stay another week with just the kids and meet up with my neighbor Keri and her kids, and Shannon and David. I am sure I will need an Orovo detox from the beach after being there 14 days. But hey imagine all the books I will get to read.
  • I emailed out 4 Caterpillar projects tonight. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. Now I just have to wait on their edits, and in the meantime, get working on 2 new projects of theirs. (Plus some other client work)
  • Sami starts kindergarten camp tomorrow. Every day this week from 8:15 am to 12:15 pm. She is a bit leery of not just camp, but school in general, so hopefully this will help. And in the meantime it will give me time to try to clean, shop and pack with one less kid.
  • Emily starts softball tournaments tomorrow night. It is single elimination. Their team has done really well this season, but considering we will be missing several girls due to vacation who knows how they will do. Of course if Emily hits another homerun like last time it will be a huge help. (Yes, you read that right. Emily had a homerun!)
  • Chris has his last game tomorrow night as well. He has really enjoyed baseball this season and is already counting down the days until football starts.
  • I am so behind on blog reading. I apologize and promise to get caught up soon.
  • Matt had a great trip to Brazil, but is glad to be back. With his crazy travel schedule the first half of the year he is more than ready for a travel break. He brought back some cool gifts since this was his first time in Brazil, including a handmade vase and two bottles of Cacha├ža, a liquor made from sugar cane, for me. (Hey, I have been alone with these kids for almost 4 weeks. Give me some slack)
  • We had a scare with our dog Kylee Saturday night. She will be 13 next month and we really thought we were going to have to say goodbye. However it appears that she had geriatric vestibular syndrome, something similar to vertigo in humans. A few doses of Dramamine and she is doing 100x better. Fingers crossed that's all it was.
  • I am turning 33 29 a week from tomorrow. ((sigh))
  • Only 63 days until the American Idol tour. I can't wait.\
  • Today is my BIL & SIL (Stephanie & Adam) 12th anniversary. Happy anniversary guys!
  • I am still blogging about our Thailand trip. I have lots to show, including a trip to James Bond Island, our stay in Patong, and our trip to Singapore. I am trying to label each picture before I blog so that takes some extra time. But I promise I will get it done soon. I am hoping that we have Internet access at the beach house so I work on it over vacation.
  • There has been some exciting news in my family, but it may be a while before I can share. And no, I can't give any hints.
Enjoy the rest of your Father's Day!

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lil ole' me..... said...

I've been so behind on blog reading too!
Have fun at the beach! I've been inside since we got home from the hospital, except for the trip to the pediatrician, so a lil sand and surf sounds heavenly to me!

And, I expect that I will continue to be behind on reading blogs and commenting, so HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY- just in case I miss it!