Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Look Who Came Back Last Night

Ignore the poor quality (I really wish you could do a megapixel upgrade like you can a memory upgrade on a cell phone. I used my camera phone through the window, as I was afraid to scare this little fellow off with my real camera. And guess what. He was still there this am. I am not sure if Matt is wanting to laugh or kill me.

We are not able to have a cat indoors as Matt is allergic, but I guess there is no harm in having an outdoor one. Well that is if he/she sticks around. Maybe today I will go and buy just a small bag of cat food. And some extra milk. Is it crazy to bribe a cat?


it's me, Val said...

Absolutely nothing wrong with it. I grew up bribing kitties all the time. I think that's why I'd end up with 32 at times :) (Not kidding)

I think it's a Godsend :) And they can definitely be outdoor pets. We have actually let Millie outside because she's begged us (lots of whining which in cat language deciphers to "let me out now or I will poop on your carpets", so we did -teehee!). And she loves it. She was born to be an outside kitty. They always come back for food water and shelter when they need it.

I think you have a new pet :)


Quirky said...

Looks like you're a cat person now! (Welcome to the club). Do you know if you're feeding a stray or just second helpings to a neighbor's cat?

We had 5 outside cats growing up. They actually didn't wander that far. They were mostly content to hang around the house catching lizards and sunning themselves. Wonderful pets. Just make sure that you take him to the vet to get fixed once he lets you touch him.

Monkey Giggles said...

Not at all. I believe you can not bribe the willing and he looks willing. He/She is a cutie.

Will he/she let you pet him/her. Are you going to name it?