Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday's Fumblings

  1. Because of the humidity, we have had horrible storms roll through for about 20 - 40 minutes every evening. The storm 2 nights ago was probably one of the worst lightening storms I have seen in a long time. Somehow the storm knocked out Time Warner's digital service all over the area. We had no cable, phone or Internet for over 24 hours. Twenty four hours. I could handle the phone and cable. But the net? I broke out in a cold sweat just thinking about not being able to retrieve my email or check my daily news sites. (Can you say addicted?) One of the projects I am working on can only be done by accessing a server. So no working either. After 10 pm last night we were finally back up and running.
  2. I have over 36 books checked out at the library and 2 more waiting for me to pick up. Oops. Now to my defense, probably 10 of them are the kids books. But that probably doesn't make it any better, huh? I also have $100 in bookstore gift certificates and $148 in trade credit at the local used bookstore that I am needing to use. Maybe I will do a little shopping today.
  3. Speaking of reading... I had set a goal to read 20 books from Memorial Day to Labor Day. I am happy to say that with 8 weeks left I have read 12 books. Woot!
  4. Matt has his yearly review this morning. He always gets so frustrated when it is review time and then always does awesome. Fingers crossed that today is the same.
  5. Sami has been moved out of her regular gymnastics class and onto preteam. Last night was her "evaluation" night and other than a few stubborn Samisms, she did awesome. Being that she is such a drama queen, this is right up her alley. The way I see it, it cuts down in carpooling Sam to some other activity. Who knows. Maybe she will do this for awhile and decide it isn't for her. With Sam you never really know.
  6. My dad is going through some physical therapy and will be having surgery on July 24. Please keep him in your prayers. I am not ready for this whole aging parents thing. Sigh...
  7. Only 37 more days until I get to see David Cook. I.Cannot.Wait.
  8. I just downloaded a trial of Photoshop Elements 6.0. I have been told that it is much more user friendly than my Photoshop CS program. Anyone have any tips?
  9. I am hoping to be able to blog several Thailand and beach vacation entries in the next week. I am needing to upload pictures online first and am trying to decide if I still want to use Shutterfly (which I like) or switch to something else. And if I switch, can I transfer over my current albums. Sometimes technology just brings too many choices.
  10. That cat is still hanging around. And one night he brought a friend. Oops. We have opted to not tell Matt that one. Emily has named him "Buddy". Original, huh?
  11. Matt's heading back to Japan next month, and possibly Puerto Rico. Joy. Joy. Joy.
  12. I cannot for the life of my figure out the call waiting on my cellphone or my Bluetooth headset. I can switch over to the other caller, but I cannot figure out how to switch back to the original person I was speaking with. I have a Verizon Chocolate cell phone. Can anyone help?
  13. Only 10 days and Jamie, Hannah, Ashley and even Mark are coming to visit! I am so flipping excited. I am trying to fit golf, a trip to the farmers market, a day at the beach and dinner on the boat all into their 4 day visit. I hope they are resting up and buying lots of sunblock.


Michelle Pendergrass said...

I have a chocolate, too. It took me a long time to figure out the call waiting. I don't know if it will work for you, but I push the button on the side of the phone with the little microphone on it (right under the volume button) immediately after that, I push the top left on the front of the phone (above the send)

That seems to switch the calls. I don't know why. Sometimes I love my phone and sometimes I hate it.

it's me, Val said...

I didn't know Jamie was coming out. *sob* Neil and I had actually talked about -- With Neil included. I told him it's either just me alone or everyone going. I just don't know when. I need your end of summer to fall schedule.

Obviously I am outa the loop with you... I didn't know about your dad :( (I'm sorry to hear!)

I am wanting to get M into gymnastics. She tumbles all the time here at home and dances like crazy. She's needing to do something ,that's for sure.

Neil is awaiting his yearly, too. He just got promoted and is doing 2 jobs now, and he is suppose to get a raise because of that, but we don't know what yet. I have this awful feeling that they're just going to give him his regular raise and tell him that it's his yearly and promotion raise all in one making both potentially great raises crap. Good luck to Matt.

Michelle Pendergrass said...

Did it work?