Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Musings

  1. Camping this past weekend was a blast. In fact, we had so much fun we have decided to go again either in August or September. I'll post pics soon.
  2. Jamie and the rest of the Fredericks are on their way here –– as I type! Woot! However, with a flat tire at 3 am I am not expecting them until sometime tonight. Personally I think they are just trying to avoid the 100 degree temperature here today.
  3. I think I will use my free Starbuck's beverage coupon today. Can I just say how excited I am that one just opened 7 minutes from my house?
  4. Why is it that when oil goes up $15 a barrel our gas prices soared 50¢ to 75¢? Yet when oil drops $15, gas prices go down 4¢ to 6¢?
  5. The Dark Knight did amazing at theatre's this past weekend. Estimates are saying $155.3 million in tickets. Is anyone else slightly sad when watching clips of this movie? From what I hear Ledger's final performance was anything short of amazing.
  6. 27 days... only 27 days until the American Idol tour!
  7. Has anyone seen the story on the 2 year old little girl in Florida that has been missing for 6 weeks, yet the mother just reported it? Supposedly a babysitter took off with the child at the beginning of June and hasn't been seen since. The mother finally just told the grandparents and they reported it. What the heck?!? If my child was missing for 6 seconds I would be batting down the police door. We live in a messed up world.
  8. An update to my itouch just came out. This update includes lots of downloads, including more web applications and games. Soon I will be able to chat and Facebook from anywhere.
  9. I need to get the oil changed in my van today. Ugh... this is always a long process. Every time I go the line is always out the door. Regardless of where I go.
  10. My dad's surgery is Thursday. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.


Jennifer said...

ummm it's hard to believe were in a resection, as the media reports, no one has any $, but one(1) movie can bring in 155+ million dollars! I just wonder how many of these people afforded the gas to get to the movies..maybe they cut back and walked to the movies...LOL UNREAL the media's agenda these days.

Glad you enjoyed camping..I'm like you, not much into camping, I'm a hotel kinda gal...I love my BUG- LESS showers:)

wish i was going to a David Cook concert...I just love him!

yes you got to wonder about the gas going down, I wondered that myself, but my hubby said it was that the stations have to wait until the tanks at their stations get filled back up to reflect the new price per it market value at the time of don't hold your breath....I'm sure by Friday it will be at record high ans all gas stations will have to fill up that day:0...

you should have bought a Nissan girly, in 2010 my van will be all eclectic at the same horse power for $800.00!!!! they will do this for all Nissan cars bought before 2008. otherwise you will have to buy a new one with all eclectic option, but they won't cost extra...something to think about...want more me

long comment...I guess I needed adult conversation....glad all is well

lil ole' me..... said...

Will be praying for you dad.

I hadn't heard about the little girl in FL. That is so sad. I can't imagine waiting 6 seconds to report my child missing, much less 6 weeks.

Hope the oil change goes quicker than usual!!!!

Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

I just read my comments back and I'm having a really difficult time spelling....wait a minute I had 4 kids screaming I WANT BREAKFAST!!!!!!!!

just keeping it real:)

Aimee said...

I also will be praying for your dad.

And I hadn't heard the story of the little FL girl...just terrible!

I wish their was a Starbucks that close to my house..closest is 18 minutes! :)

Have a great Monday!

Rani said...

I will pray for you dad :)

it's me, Val said...

I forgot about the itouch updates --- thanks for the reminder -- I am going to do it now (how cool!!)

I will be thinking of your dad . . . :( Are you going home for it?

Kristin texted me Sunday with a video she took at the AI tour in Peoria. She asked, who do you like better, David A or David C, and I said if I had to pick, David C, and so she rubbed it in with this video of him in concert. She's so mean :) Hope you have as much fun as she did.

What is the Dark Knight?

Have fun with the F family!