Sunday, September 28, 2008

And she is out!

We are back, safe and sound. We got home around 5 pm last night and was thrown right into the family routine. It was so good to see the kids and you could tell that they were glad to see us. (Or maybe it was just the gifts we had for them)

This morning we had appointments for our first round of shots for the move. You all know how I just love shots. I needed two, Matt needed one, Emily and Chris needed two and Sami (poor Sami!) needed three. Sami was in full drama queen mode before we even entered the door. I was just worried about getting my shots in front of the kids.

The nurse asked for the kids to go first. So Emily volunteered to be the first human pin cushion. She never flinched and even watched the needles go in. Chris was next. The first shot hurt pretty bad so Matt had to hold back his arm and help him relax for the second one.

Just as he was done we heard Emily gasp and then crash to the floor, smashing her head in the process. At first we thought she was having a seizure, but it appears that she just passed out. The nurse said post-anxiety fainting is not uncommon with preteens and teenagers. It took her about 30 minutes to stop looking like a sheet. Luckily she just has a bad headache and a goose egg.

So Sam was up next. You can imagine what that was like. Fortunately I sat with Emily while Matt dealt with Sam. Drama queen mode was definitely vamped up during those five minutes. Matt handled his shot like a pro and the nurse just made sure I sat down for several minutes after my arm was attacked. We go back in 10 more days for another round. Emily said this time she thinks she will just sit down for a while after.

Less than 24 hours back in the states and already drama. Only us.


Jill said...

I think I would freak out if I saw my kid pass out. Glad to hear everyone made it through relatively unscathed, though. Welcome back!

Aimee said...

Glad to hear you made it home safely! Hopefully the next round goes smoother.

BTW - NKOTB is on VH1 LIVE right now...just sayin'!:)

lil ole' me..... said...

Glad Emily is ok... yeah, that would have freaked me out!!!

And, I'm just like you- not a fan of shots. When I had to get my flu shot while I was pregnant, I asked the nurse if it was going to hurt. She looked at me, laughed and said "Not as much as labor will". She was right, but I still don't like shots.

I'm proud of you though.. .for going and not cancelling!!! :)

Melissa said...

I'm glad you are back safely and I'm so sorry about the shots! I hope the next round is less drama!

Tiff said...

Poor girl!! I hope the bump goes away fast. Shots are no fun!

Terri said...

hey, when you get caught up, come on over and see what I have for you. (from today which is 10/1/08)

PaulickFam said...

Way to go clan. We get flu shots and the family freaks out, I can just imagine. But way to go Emily, she is sticking with it and smart idea, sitting down.

Spice said...

Oh, poor Emily!!!! My oldest hates shots and my younger two are okay with them. Bet you're glad that's all over with!