Saturday, September 06, 2008

Not So Sweet Hanna

Two of the sweetest little girls I know are named Hanna. However right now there is another Hanna causing chaos around here –– tropical Hanna.

We have lived here two years and this is the first "direct hit" tropical storm that we will experience. Maybe this is God's funny way of preparing us for living on the coast in less than 6 months, who knows. We have gotten remnants before, but per the 11 pm news, the eye of Tropical Hanna is set to go right over the Raleigh area at about 8 am tomorrow morning. Yikes.

It started drizzling on and off after lunch. By 8 pm it had been raining enough for standing water on some roads. Now at 11 pm, winds are quickly starting to pick up and the radar looks something like this.
The worst of the storm should start around 4 am, where they are anticipating sustained winds of 40-50 mph for at least two to three hours, and over 5 inches of rain (better get out our pool floats). When it is all said and done it could be a mess around here. And to think, this is just barely a hurricane. I cannot imagine what it was like when Fran or Floyd hit here.

So I am tucked into bed with two flashlights, watching the news show live shots from Oak Island, the location of our annual family vacation for almost 10 years, and praying that everyone affected by this "not so sweet Hanna" is spared.


Jamie said...

I hope that Hanna doesn't cause much damage at all. I am keeping you guys in my thoughts. These storms seem to be getting worse every year. It's just crazy to think about it.
I wonder if my sweet Hanna will be calm today...........

Snowbird said...

I, too, hope that Hanna leaves you unscathed. We live on Sanibel Island in Florida and we are in the crosshairs for Ike so I know exactly how you feel. Good luck.

LiLi said...

A high school friend of Matt's was killed due to the rains from Hanna on Saturday. :( He and his girl friend and their three children were out in the rain (for what, I have NO idea)... and they hit a patch of rain and their car took flight into a tree. He and his girl friend were killed. Their three children were taken to a local hospital and are all expected to be fine. So so so sad!!! :( I hope you guys made it through OK. We stayed in until the rains ended. Tropical storms and hurricanes are such a nuisance!