Thursday, October 23, 2008

The End is Near

This is what someone was wearing at Chris's football game the other night. (excuse the camera phone pic. I didn't have my real camera with me)

Yes those are stir-up jeans. Stir-up jeans. Ugh. Not only am I flabbergasted that this style is coming back, but jeans? That is just crossing the line. And she had them on with shoes from a place like MBT shoes.

If only I had saved my clothes from 7th/8th grade. I owned quite a few sweater dresses and stir-up pants. Who would have thought I could have been in style in 2008 with those. I wonder what's next. Pegged pants and pinstriped jeans?

What style do you remember from your childhood? Do you wish it would make a comeback?


Danielle said...

Those are just wrong!! I also wore all those ridiculous clothes in the 80's but I have learned from my mistakes. Stir-up pants don't look good on anyone!

~michelle pendergrass said...

Nuh-uh. No way am I EVER wearing stir-ups again. Legwarmers, maybe--stir-ups??? OH what is wrong with people??

fern said...

Oh snap, I am all over this. I'm going home to dig out some safety pins so I can peg my jeans so tight they bruise my ankles, then I'm going to find two contrasting pairs of socks, put on both of them, and pull them up OVER the bottom of my pegged jeans.

All that's left to do is wear a V-neck sweater backwards, and I will be on the cutting edge of style!! Right after my Ogilvie home perm, of course.

Wonder if Eastlands are still for sale anywhere. Remember those??

I'm glad you documented this, Alexis!

Tiff said...

Oh my!! I confess I used to wear the stirrup pants. But never ever again!! No way!!

I hope they are not making a comeback. I wouldn't buy them!

DeeDee said...

My style? I remember the first time hip hugger bell bottom jeans/pants were introduced into society...and I remember when they made their husband had to tell the clerk that, "son, we owned a few pairs of the orginals."(haha)

My favorite was a summer pair of hiphugger bellbottoms made from sear-sucker (red and white check) and a white midrif T with my blue t-strap sandles...I was hot!
Of course that was before children, and 2 back surgeries! (flat stomachs looks best in hip huggers)

Thanks for the memories! Joy, DeeDee

Louise said...

OH MY LAND that is just NASTY.
I remember Harem you remember those ugly things, not flattering on ANYONE and I pray they do NOT make their way back...ICK!!!