Friday, October 24, 2008

Stupid Writers

Alexis' guilty pleasure #154 –– I enjoy watching soap operas. In fact I have watched Days of Our Lives (AKA: DOOL) since I was a kid.

My days are so busy (and well I would feel a wee bit guilty watching soaps all day long) that I have grown addicted to Soapnet. Let me stop here to say that Soapnet is an insomniacs answer to prayer. Hanging out in Salem or Pine Valley is so much better than watching all night marathon's of The Fresh Prince of Belair (sorry Will).

Somehow I have moved from just watching DOOL to also watching General Hospital and All My Children. I am trying really hard to not get all caught up on One Life to Live, but the whole Rex and Gigi storyline is making it hard.

Anyways, I digress. Back to the whole purpose of this post. What are some of these writers thinking? I mean come on... let Sami finally be happy. As much as I like listening to EJs sexy accent, she really belongs with Lucas so I can watch more shirtless Lucas scenes. And John, please if I have to watch him do his who tooted look one more time I may vomit. And on All My Children, are these writers insane?? Finally Babe and JR are back together. JR has lost the anger, stopped drinking, has made amends with his past and they KILL BABE OFF. Nuts I tell you. Completely. Crazy. And General Hospital, Carly & Sonny, Carly & Jax, Carly & Nicholas... $10 says within the next year Carly will have a night with Jason too. Just let that poor woman find a man and hang with him. And Laura –– crazy not crazy, crazy, not crazy. It switches so quick I am going crazy figuring it out.

And no before you ask. I have never once eaten a bon bon while watching these trash shows. Matt won't let me eat in the bed. (However this could be a benefit of Matt being in Japan and me still being in the states.)

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Louise said...

That is too funny!
I agree with your points... back in the day when I watched General Hospital Carly wasn't happy and does that mean she still isn't?? crazy...gotta perpetuate the stories I guess.