Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Get Out and Vote

Unless you live in a bubble you know that tomorrow is one of the most monumental elections in history. After Nov. 4, 2008 the United States will either have its first female Vice President or first African American President.

It is no secret or surprise that I am voting for the McCain/Palin ticket. In fact, I have already voted. There are so many thoughts in my head leading into tomorrow's election. What will happen to our nation after Nov. 4? Will the American people make the right choice? Will the person elected hold true to their word? Just what does the future of the GOP look like?

To be honest I started out 6 months ago not being happy with either choice. However through research (just like shopping for car insurance) and lots of prayer I am comforted by the choice I made. I am proud to be voting for a candidate that even though is an underdog, he is not giving up. Seven states in 24 hours. Lets just hope that perseverance comes out on top. If Rudy could do it, so can McCain. Right?

And the President's office is not the only thing at stake. If 11 senate seats turn in the democrats favor then we are up for a filibuster-proof majority. If the democrats are smart they don't want that either. Didn't quite work out for the GOP, did it?

So not matter what team you are on, get out and vote. Exercise your right. Be able to go to bed on November 4, no matter the outcome, knowing that you did what you could to make a difference.


DeeDee said...

I'm w/u Alexis...voted for my beliefs and convictions. Neither was my first choices....voted for McCain....absolutely love Sarah and her strong attitude and 'go get'em' style with a hint of snicker and humor!

Win or Loose, we got to vote today! That is the great thing about being an American!

The next 4 yrs will tell how this night will be for the better or worse.

I have sad this whole 20 months, the people are asking for manna-or a king(just like Israel) and God gave them what they want... could this be American? Who knows, but I do know the One who is King!

Sorry, Matt is not coming home for Thanksgiving! I will remember you that weekend in special prayer!

Joy, DeeDee

it's me, Val said...

I still heart John McCain and forever will.