Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Life in Japan... Part 2 (From Matt's own words)

Now that I have been in Japan for a few weeks, I thought I would give everyone an update. As I have said before, everyday is an adventure. I will pick a few of my adventures to share.

Taking a hike
A few of my co-workers had an extra ticket for a famous hike done once a year in Kobe. The hike is 56 kilometers (for those who only understand English measures that is 31 miles). Being the competitive person I am, they were able to talk me into it. I figured my feet would hurt, but I would be able to make it. They forgot to mention the hike was up and down 4 mountains!!! We started a 4:30 in the morning before even the sun was up.

They let me borrow a head torch as my English friend would called it (a flashlight that attaches to your head) and we set off.

Along with 3000 Japanese people. Trust me it got worse.

This is by far the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.

If they told me I was going to be mountain climbing – I would have surely declined.

I did get some great views from the top of the mountain.

I started at 4:30 in the morning and I finished at 7:00 at night.
Finish line! I was so sore, I could barely move for four days. I thought I was going to need a life insurance quote. I vow to never do this hike again.

Every Day Life
I am getting more used to day-to-day life.

A lot of the Japanese business men eat at these noodle bars or stand up restaurants that have different types of meat on a stick. These places are everywhere and fairly cheap.

Not all Japanese eat Sushi all the time like people think, although there are many sushi restaurants in Kobe. Here is one I went to. It had the biggest sushi I have ever seen. It is not like they give you a knife. You just have to pick up the whole thing and put it in your mouth.

Yummy!!!! There is a little rice under there, you just can’t see it.

I have got to enjoy a few packed trains. I am sandwiched over by the door. They actually had a train person push the last people in to shut the doors. This is normally not how busy the trains are, but it does happen.

Restroom Life
At work I go in the toilet that says western style. The alternative is a squatty Potty.

On the western style they have little directions to show men how to use the toilet seat. I am surprised most women have not put these in American houses. I am not sure what it says, but I think we get the point.

The controls for our toilets at the house take a college degree to figure out. I know what the button on the top right hand side does. It squirts water on your bum!

Goodbye for now!

Well I could go on for pages, but it is getting late. I will send another note shortly. Time is going by pretty fast. I am not sure that Alexis would agree with that. I am trying to keep myself really busy and I am working crazy hours. Hope everyone is doing ok.

Take Care!


SuperMom said...

Love the Japan updates. So interesting!

The Kasdan Family said...

Nice to hear you are in and enjoying Japan. We have some friends that went on the hike -- very impressive!

Spice said...

Squatty potty = EW!!!!