Monday, November 24, 2008

Should it stay or should it go?

Sounds like a Clash song in the making, huh? However it is nothing as cool as that. Rather it is going through every closet, drawer, box, shelf and nook and cranny to decide what to take with us to Japan and what to either leave here in storage or to give away.

When we first got back from our home finding trip in September Matt and I went through all the boxes in the attic and then each room to decide which furniture to take. At that point I thought we were done. Oh so wrong. While we are not leaving for another 57 days, all our belongings will be packed and on their way to Japan in 25 days. So I really need to spend the next few weeks getting everything sorted through. And that is no easy task.

Weeding through clothing that hasn't been worn in years (my husband is very guilty of this) or ditching clothing that does not fit is simple. But what about toys, items in closets that are "just in case" or seasonal, personal collections? How does one determine what should be boxed away to sit in a warehouse and pray nothing happens to need a home insurance claim or what should be given to Goodwill? Is it worth taking something that may be used for 6 months, when we will be gone 3 years? What memories do you take with you, what do you store? What about those few boxes that while opening them brings tears and heartache, just knowing they are close brings comfort?

How would you decide?


DeeDee said...

Alexis, I would suggest that you make an album of people who are special to your family....and take pics of those toy items the kids really love right now but will grow out of in the next 3 yrs.

Fact #1...grandparents will be sending $$ and items to the kids over the leave room for more 'stuff'

Fact will have to either do this same thing all over again in 3 yrs anyway so go over w/a clean slate so to speak.

Fact #3.....allow room for memory making in Japan, your kids are in their formulative years so have room for their growth.

(also, having moved 3 times in 10 months, I would suggest that you write down a organizsed list of WHAT you have and WHERE it can be located in 3 yrs)
COLOR CODE plastic bins and label them w/a date on the bin.

I know this sounds like alot but if I was moving half way around the world, this is what I would do!I don't wish to be in your shoes BUT IF I LIVED CLOSE TO YOU, I would volunteer to help organize it all!

Joy! DeeDee

Louise said...

WOW that is a tough one..
Take some memories with you knowing that you will make many new ones while you are there :)
(DEE DEE's advice sounds great!)

Tiff said...

What a tough thing to do. and on your own. Take some memories with you but like Dee Dee said leave room for making memories in Japan too!

Rani said...

I feel for you. We haven't moved in 10 years and I don't think I could do it. I will pray for you.

Michelle said...

Wow! That is a ginormous task!! I would be horrible at it, I am so indecisive! Good luck!

Kimmber said...

I couldn't do it. i'd either be tossing everything or taking everything. Very, very touch.