Thursday, December 04, 2008

Eyes, Eyes, Eyes

Sami had her eye appointment yesterday. I have to say she did amazingly well. A five year old and a two hour appointment with no tears was a complete surprise.

Sami had been referred to a pediatric eye specialist because of some issues on the eye exam at her physical for our move to Japan. As it turns out Sami has a slight issue with her right eye turning in that the doctor feels will correct itself as she grows older and doesn't cause for alarm right now. The more surprising part is that she isn't nearsighted as kids, teens and young adults usually are. Instead she is farsighted. The doctor said she thinks as her eyes grow this will change and for right now she just wants to watch it and see what changes her eyes make in a year. Most likely Sami will need glasses down the road, but for now we are safe for another year.

Here are a few pictures of Sami taken with my camera phone. My favorite by far is the one with her "movie star" glasses.


DeeDee said...

Alexis...I will write later on is one busy day. I need to get this information out so if you can help in anyway...thank you!

Attached you will find a picture of Christmas bows that my daughter makes ...these are her Seasonal bows. All proceeds will go directly to their Adoption Fund for little Ellagrace who will make her way into our hearts next summer.

Anything you can do to help this family toward their goal is most wonderfully appreciated.

Cost is $5.00 per bow!

Shana said that she has already mass produced these so they can be ordered this week and mailed out in time for that ever-so-cute Christmas picture w/the family!

Ang said...

Oh I am loving the glasses..ha too cute

Louise said...

Cute pics :)

DeeDee said... gladthe results at the eye doctor went well and now that you know the issues,doctors in Japan can watch closely. My oldest granddaughter at the age of 3 sat on my lap as she took some eye tests at a peds office just like your daughter. She however had to have glasses....bubblegum glasses! I wrote a book about that visit w/her...just haven't gotten an agent yet.

So glad she didn't cry, some of those special tests are alittle scarey.

Well, your beloved will be home in 12 days!!!! yeah for you guys! I know you all miss him terribly!

Joy, DeeDee

Ang said...

Ok it's not like you have a million things going on in your life right now.hahaa but when you get a chance, I had written you an email on the recap of the movie but you need to check out my blog on the 'title' Name..Twilight..Warning this is long :) It has lots of pictures and stuff..just let me know what you think and how stupid I was do the midnight movie..ha hope your packing is going well..Ang

lil ole' me..... said...

Whew... I am impressed. I don't think I could have gotten through a two hour appt. without tears!

Michelle said...

That's great that she did so well at the appointment! She will look very cute in glasses (when the time comes)!