Friday, December 19, 2008

Flyby Post

I had an awesome time Tuesday. It was fun, relaxing and I enjoyed spending some extra time with my buddy and wonderful friend Keri. I know that night I will treasure forever. (Even if we did get a few raised eyebrows for staying in a hotel, with a local home address and changing the name on the reservation for "work purposes". )

Matt made it home safe and sound Thursday after a 9.5 hour flight to San Fransisco, a 7 hour layover, a 4 hour flight to Chicago, an 8 hour layover and finally a 90 minute flight to Raleigh. Shewwww... I am tired just typing it out. The kids were more than happy to see him, as was I.

As I type I am surrounded by boxes and a crew of 3 super friendly men. The only thing left in my kitchen is the kitchen faucets, and appliances. The packers are here and hope to finish before starting to load the sea carton tomorrow. Apparently the sea carton will be delivered to our door tomorrow and it will be a giant jigsaw puzzle to get it packed just right.

Emily asked me today (yes us bad parents let her stay home while they packed our stuff) if I was sad watching them load everything into boxes. To be honest, it still doesn't feel like I am moving to Japan. Maybe it is because we are keeping our house here, maybe it is because we are still going to be here another month. I am not sure. Matt says it will probably hit me when I am at the airport. Lord help the poor people on the airplane if that is the case.


Ang said...

I am so happy he made it home safe and sound!!! Enjoy your time together!!

Louise said...

SO happy to hear he is home with you and the kids!
Thinking of you girl and your family during this huge transition!!

Kimmber said...

Glad you had a great night and that Matt arrived home safe and sound.

I'd imagine that because it is such a HUGE move it has got to be surreal. I bet it doesn't hit you until you are on the ground there for a few days, when you realize you are not just visiting. Well unless one of your kids breaks when you are leaving.

Jill said...

Glad you hubby made it home. I'm so excited for you and your family for this adventure! I'm not sure I would be brave enough to pull this off! Can't wait to hear about your new home away from home!

Colleen said...

Glad to hear Matt made it home:)

Were all your boxes packed into the wooden "crates"? That is how my stuff was shipped over...I had 8 crates of "stuff". Hopefully you will have the movers unpack for you once you get will be amazed with the Japanese movers!!

Enjoy your holidays:) You are going to do great!