Monday, December 22, 2008

You say what is in 4 days?

Did you know that Christmas is only 4 days away? Someone apparently forgot to give me that memo. Okay so not really. I mean only a fool would not know from all the TV & newspaper ads, radio commercials, stores, lines, traffic and music that Christmas is sneaking up on us. But seriously, it does not feel like Christmas here.

Maybe it is the odd weather we are having here. Nothing like 60s/70s and down pouring rain and rolling fog rather than snowflakes and snow shovels –– not that we ever really have snow in NC. Maybe it is the lack of a Christmas tree and decorations at our house. Heck maybe it is the lack of anything at our house (Don't worrry I took lots of packing pictures). Maybe it is wishing I could give a few friends and family members a huge hug for struggles they are having right now. Maybe it is living out of a hotel while we get some things done at the house before heading to Ohio. Maybe it is feeling bad for the thousands of people losing their jobs this holiday season. Maybe it is only having 29 days to say goodbye for 6 months to family and friends. Maybe it is going back to Ohio and visiting a grave with a stuffed bear rather than watching a 6-year-old open a stuffed bear. All I know is that it is not "beginning to look alot like Christmas" this year.

So Tuesday we head to Ohio, where right now it feels like 1 degree and is experiencing wind chills of - 15 degrees to -20 degrees. Where my folks have a decorated tree and stocking hung with care. Where I am already excited for the awesome Christmas dinner my parents have planned. Where I will get to hear the excitement of my nieces and nephews and soon-to-be nieces and nephews as they open their gifts. Where I will get to spend some time with some awesome friends. Where my kids will get to open some special presents, bought specifically with this move in mind. (Well if I ever get them wrapped) If anything make it feel like Christmas, all of that will.


Jill said...

You'll get there. I'm sure it's just hard to wrap your head around anything these days. I'm guessing a trip to the parents' is the best medicine right now. Have a great holiday!!

Becki said...
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Becki said...

A trip back to see family in Ohio is probably the best medicine for you seasonal funk right now. (((HUGS)))

Ang said...

Wow talk about busy..I can't imagine your life right now..I bet you can't either..ha I am glad you are going to get see family and friends..take lots of you wouldn't?..haha Have fun...Hey I live in Fl ..I want to go throw fake snow in my yard, because my kids are still running around in shorts..I miss the is supposed to get a little cooler this week and who says it can't snow in FL?..:)

Terri said...

you have so much on your plate right now but I'm glad you are all back together.

The cold up here (I'm just 40 miles from the Ohio border) is scary cold. I don't remember it being this cold before Christmas in years! Jan and Feb sure but never Nov/Dec. Burrrrrrrrr!

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of change to face in short order. Safe sailing. And a very Merry Christmas wish for you when you land.

DeeDee said...

Merry Christmas Alexis....we are flying off to Disney to be w/our kids and their kids tomorrow morning as you are driving up to Ohio...let's see...we are going to 80degree temps and you are going to actually 30-40 degree temps...(today was very cold- like 10 degrees before windchill)
I will try to write you a long one when we get


We all love you out here in 'blogland'.

Joy, DeeDee