Thursday, February 12, 2009

An AfterSchool Treat

Yesterday was a Japanese holiday. I am not sure what holiday it was, but it seems like there is always a holiday going on. At the local grocery store they had several food booths set up giving samples and selling special treats.

I branched out and tried some minced pork wrapped foods and dips. I did refrain from trying the fried balls that looked so ever good until you realize there is octopus inside. While I am trying new things here, I am not quite ready for octopus yet.

The very last booth was making pancakes in the shape of a fish with different fillings. One was a vanilla custard, one was chocolate and the last one was bean paste (a very common filling inside desserts and breads).

I decided to be a nice mom and get Sami & Chris one as a special treat. They really liked them and can't wait to have "fish pancakes" again.


Ang said...

How cool are fish pancakes?????????????haha
Looks like you all are settling in very well...praying for you!

Carey said...

How cute!

Louise said...

How neat is that!
Yeah I am not sure that octopus would be my thing luck with that :)

DeeDee said...

Alexis..I am not a 'weird food eater" by trade. I love mac n cheese, mashed pots, peas, know just the usual all American foods. I have tried cooking the 'fancy' stuff I see on Hell's Kitchen and Food TV channels....just don't get into fancy stuff...

....But I have tried fried baby octopus and it is good! Very good! You just have to get past the little baby finger tenicles!

The pancakes sound really good and I bet the kids loved their surprise. I remember living in southern Texas near Corpus Christi...I was pregnant and had always loved Creamed Horns. So I go into a bakery in this small town that was largely get a creamed horn...NOT! It looked like a creamed horn but the filling was nothing like the soft, white, sugary cream filling I was use to...yuck!

So glad you are exploring!
Joy for your tomorrow! DeeDee

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I think it was the Foundation Day holiday. I have to say, I love Takoyaki (the octopus balls) and the Taiyaki (the fish pancakes) are very yummy too!

Terri said...

yum - fish pancakes!

I have a video up at my place, come and check it out. Again I was reminded what a great experience you and Matt are giving your kids over in Japan.