Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Eating Like the Locals

After spending all day working through unpacking our stuff, Matt & I ran to Sannonmiya to get a few items for the house, hit the grocery store and grab a quick bite to eat. After walking around for a few minutes we decided to eat traditional Japanese and hit a yakitori stand.

Since we had plans to carry several bags home I did not take my camera with me. However I was able to capture my first Yakitori experience via my cell camera.

Yakitori basically means "meat on a stick". Usually the meat is chicken, traditionally any part but the breast. However most places have beef, pork, seafood and various parts of each animal. You also can get veggies as well.

We entered through a hanging curtain and took a place at the counter. There were no chairs and people just squeeze next to each other at the counter. Since it was right after work , I was the only female in the place.

Excuse how we look. Between the rain and unpacking we looked a bit rough.

Matt has been there before so he ordered us some pork, beef and chicken. Just the main parts of the animal. No gizzards, skin, hearts or other organs for us. They then gave us some raw cabbage with some type of soy dressing. It was so tasty we each had two bowls.

Once the meat arrived Matt showed me how to roll my skewer in some type of
teriyaki sauce then soy sauce, before eating it. I have to say it was quite good. And the best part? Each stick of meat is only 110 yen.

While I am sure this place wasn't the best for our cholesterol level, and if we go often we will be needing to look for the
best diet pill (is grilled beat fattening?), it was so good that I can't wait to go back.


Mike said...

Looks very tasty.


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Ang said...

You all look adorable!! and the food looks delicious!!

dianeinjapan said...

Mmmm, yakitori! Have you tried chicken cartilage yet? It's surprisingly good!

Oh, and is that a 100-yen umbrella I see lurking in the background?

lil ole' me..... said...

Glad you explained what it was!
When I first read yakitori, I had no idea what it was.

Melissa said...

It actually looks really good! (better than the pb&j we had for dinner!)

Does Matt speak Japanese? Are you picking it up much?

Merrill said...

How fun! by the way, your old man looks so foxy in that picture. (I am trying to bring back the word "foxy".)

I am living in Japan vicariously through you!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Ohh... how I love yakitori. It's one of the foods I'm really going to miss when I leave. Good luck with the unpacking!