Wednesday, March 11, 2009

7th Grade Ski Trip

Every February the middle school students at Canadian Academy take a 3-day winter ski trip. Each grade goes to a different ski resort somewhere in Japan. Imagine my stress when after only being here a month we were to send our little girl on an airplane with a bunch of kids and chaperones that we did not know to Northern Japan for 3 days. But after all the worrying on our end, the trip turned out to be an amazing experience for Emily.

The kids waiting at the airport to leave for their trip.

The 7th grade class went to Shizukuishi Ski Resort, located in the Iwate prefecture of Japan.

They had 3 days of skiing, sledding, snowball fights, eating, and learning about climates, weather, physics, and even how to market their own ski resort.

The kids doing a learning exercise.

Emily said that it snowed so hard at times that you could barely see.

Emily had an awesome time and it was good for her to get to know the kids better and to start making friendships.

I think next year Matt will chaperone.


Jamie said...

What a great opportunity and experience for Em. I am so glad she got to partake in the trip even if it is hard for us parents.

Carissa said...

So glad to hear Emily had a great time. What a wonderful experience for her! :)

lil ole' me..... said...

Sounds like she is adjusting really really well!

So glad they are getting lots of great opportunities already!!!

Deborah said...

sounds like it was a great experience for Emily. The school she attends seems like it has a very progressive curriculum - pretty cool!

Kimmber said...

What an amazing opportunity for her! Looks like a great time, and IMO, perfect timing for her.

Louise said...

That sounds like so much fun for her! Who is the boy ;)LOL is that why Matt will chaperone next year??

Terri said...

that last comment - priceless!

aren't dads funny about their little girls.