Thursday, March 12, 2009


We are supposed to leave next Saturday for our spring break trip to Hong Kong. We just got notification that our flight has been canceled and the airline is no longer flying out of the airport. And to make it even better they are not helping us get tickets anywhere else.

The kids are so excited about going away for spring break. Matt is sleeping and I know when I tell him somehow it will be my fault A travel agent is supposed to call me in the am with some options but I know they will cost a small fortune.

I am just frustrated and sad. I don't want to tell the kids. I don't want to stay here for spring break. And I definitely don't want to tell Matt. I swear we can never do anything in an easy manner.


Deborah said...

Oh Alexis, I am sorry. What a disappointment. THis will probably sound really naive as I don't know my geography of that area very well, there somewhere fun you could get to within driving distance for a getaway? Tokyo?

I hope it turns out to be a simpler fix than it seems.

Louise said...

Oh man, I hope that something works out for you!!

Ang said...

OH bless your heart!!! Hopefully something positive will happen and you all will still get to go!!!!!