Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bangkok Day 1 - Spring Break 2009

Our first day was spent touring The Grand Palace, Wat Pa, the local shopping area, taking a boat up the river and eating some awesome food at the Hard Rock Cafe. It was really a cultural experience to see some of the history of Thailand and also to see how people live today.

The Grand Palace

Wat Po (The Reclining Buddha)

View from a River Boat

Local Shopping

Hard Rock Cafe (AKA- REAL Western Food)

You can see many more photos from our first day here. Next up? Dream World –– Thailand's version of "Disney World".


Deborah said...

Looks like a great trip - the architecture is amazing! How are the kids settling in to life in Asia?

Kimmber said...

I love all the pics. Love reading about your adventures.

Ang said...

Oh my goodness the pictures are AMAZING..it's like I have seen on TV my whole life. You never expect it to 'really' look like that in person..so much for what I know..ha
I am so glad you and Matt took those family shots..they are fantastic!!!!! Keep the pictures coming...It's so need to see how other parts of the world live and how blessed you are to be able to experience that and strong enough in your faith to rely on God to make it thru it all and get out of your comfort zone!!

Mike said...

I would love to visit Thailand one of these days. Soon I hope.

Have more fun.


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Louise said...

Great pics!!
Looks like a fabulous family vacation :)

it's me, Val said...

So glad you got the Hard Rock western food! Yay!!! Those are some amazing sites, AJ!