Friday, April 03, 2009

Bangkok Day 2 -Dream World & Night Market

Our second day we went to Dream World –– Thailand's version of Disney. It was about an hour drive away. The kids really enjoyed it, and okay, so did us adults.

The best part was Snow Town –– a village with real man-made snow and sledding.

That evening we went to the Saun Night Market –– an evening shopping center with 100s of stands. There was also a "food court", where we ate dinner. Matt says he loves Thai food so much that we needed weight loss pills after vacation.

As always, you can see lots of more pictures here. Up next? The floating market and elephant rides!


Terri said...

oh the pictures!! I love Sami as Superman, the little head on the huge body cracked me up. Another thing I chuckled at was the three kids sitting at the heineken table with their big beer glass! :o)

I thought of you last night, I know you are behind but I'm sure it won't ruin things to tell you that David Cook rocked it on his American Idol performance last night! It was great.

Terri said...

oops! I just went back and clicked on the picture to get a closer look to make sure I got the right kid!! Sorry Chris!

Kimmber said...

What great shots, looks like a fun time. Great legs there Alexis! ;)

Ang said...

Oh you got some great pictures!!! I hope you have an awesome anniversary! How many years? I lOVED the picture of you and Matt...just perfect!!!
Hope you guys are adjusting well!!!

dannie1978 said...

Your pictures are getting fantastic you can tell you have been practicing. I felt like I was there!!!

Wish I had an amazing overseas vaca. I bet the kids are loving the culture.

Our thoughts & prayers are with you!!! Thanks for the updates!!

Michelle said...

Love the pictures! The one of the kiddos with the big ole beer mug made me laugh! Which one of them did that belong too?! ;)

Looks like an awesome trip!

it's me, Val said...

I loved the pictures! looks sooo fun!!

Anonymous said...

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