Sunday, March 15, 2009

Let's Go Ride a Bike

Today after church Emily went to a friend's house for a "Full House marathon", Sami went to a birthday party and Chris needed to work on a book report for school. So Matt & I decided to hop on the bikes and go for a ride. Matt bought a road bike to bring here as he planned on doing alot of riding for some exercise. I did not bring my bike as it really isn't equipped for the hills and roads here. So I borrowed Emily's for the afternoon and it was work getting up some of the hills. But I am proud to say I made it. All 4-5 miles. (Okay so it wasn't far, but hey it is better than nothing) I swear Japanese people never workout nor use any type of diet pills because of the hills and walking here.

We stopped at an electronics store along the way in hopes to find a car transmitter for our iphones/i pod. The radio choices here is about as good at the television choices, so needless to say we were in need of something to allow us to play the ipod in the car.

I am not sure why we locked our bikes as no one ever locks them. That is the bonus of moving to a country with no crime.

Riding a bike in Japan can be quite a challenge. Between the cars and the mass quantity of people it is a bit like playing Frogger. We stopped along the way because I was yelling at Matt why did I bring my camera if I never was able to stop and take pictures to look at the flowers beginning to bloom.

Aren't those lovely flowers? Matt was being so sarcastic at where he chose to stop after I complained to him about my lack of stopping for photos. And of course he had to take a picture of me to prove a point. Don't I look happy?


Louise said...

You are too funny, you look so NOT thrilled..LOL.
Well hope you get to do the trek again this time at your own pace with your camera by your side ;)

Terri said...

you seriously look like one of your kids with that red jacket and Emily's bike. Looking young is good!

Ang said...

You look like the average American family on vacation..trying to have a good time while taking those 50 shots that everyone is sick of stopping for and smiling for..haha gorgeous flowers!!!