Sunday, March 15, 2009

American Idol Musings

I know most of you are probably in shock that it has been 8 weeks and I have not blogged about American Idol. One would think that moving to Japan would help cure my addiction for this reality TV show. And while we rarely watch any TV here as our shows are either non-existent or several years behind, Japan also shares in my addiction and we get to watch the current season here.

The show here is actually 4 weeks behind the states, but I have found a place online to watch each person sing, their "clip" and the judges responses almost immediately after the show airs. Then of course I can then vote and also watch it again here 4 weeks later. Matt loves when I spoiler the show before him either at the dinner table or while he is watching.

So my thoughts so far? Season 8 is a train wreck. I have never seen such drama from contestants as this year. From the crying (Nathanial) to the ear-piercing drama (Tatiana) to the fights during Hollywood to the whole Normal Gentle weirdness, I was just not quite sure what to make of things. But I have to say, I am pretty happy with who the final "13" were. I think there were a few mistakes, but overall they were good choices.

Since the auditions I have had a favorite –– 28-year-old Danny Gokey. Wow. He has an amazing voice, has a great personality, has a funky style, is a Godly man, and of course is super yummy.
Last year I loved Cookie from day one, so maybe I can have luck at picking the winners.

There are a few others that are pretty good too. Alexis Grace has a great voice and a cute personality, I like Allison Iraheta's rocker style and give me Matt Giraud on a piano any day.

I think Scott MacIntyre would make a good Jim Brickman and Michael Sarver and Anoop seem like fun guys to hang with. I think Kris Allen has improved alot in the past few weeks, but I think he is not "out there enough" to have a real shot at anything.

I know everyone just loves Adam Lambert, but his mannerisms (especially that weird tongue thing) and his singing style just does nothing for me. He has a killer range and great chops, but everything else just turns me off.

And the others? Meh... they are pretty forgettable to me.

I like the twist to this years show. It would have been wonderful to have had that last year with Michael Johns. Although it still would not have changed the outcome. Cookie earned that claim to fame outright.

So there you go. My American Idol ramblings at 1:30 am. I am curious to see where this season heads and how the contestants improve each week. And now I am off to watch more of David Cook on tour from You Tube. Pathetic I know, but hey. I don't see him coming to Japan anytime soon, so I have to get my fix somehow.


SuperMom said...

And Danny is from Milwaukee too, so even though I hardly ever watch, I'm rooting for him!

Carissa said...

I love Danny too. I could listen to him sing all day. :-) I think Adam Lambert has an absolutely amazing voice and singing ability, but I'm like you - he does nothing for me. I also really enjoy Matt's style. And Alexis Grace is my favorite female. I'm glad you're able to follow along! :)

Louise said...

Hey there
I too love Danny Gokey :)
And Allison...
I kinda do like Adam's rocker style and boy does he have chops!!
But I gotta say my fave is Danny, who do you think final three will be?
I'll be watching tonight ;)
Have a great day!

Terri said...

Danny, Allison, Adam and Matt are my favs. I think Danny is in the lead in my eyes because of his quiet grace and sincerity...his awful story may help but he really has talent and ability.

DeeDee said...

Danny is my fav also! His voice is awesome. I do love Alexis Grace alot, her persona is very gracious and her voice rocks! I pick Allison also w/that gravel-blues Janis Joplin. Adam the rocker guy...leaves me high and dry, wait till you hear country western week! (little to over the top for me)

My vote is for Danny all the way, and he does have cool glasses!

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