Saturday, May 16, 2009

Freaking Swine Flu

A high school student in Kobe and two other kids have tested positive for the swine flu and none of them, family members or other people have been overseas. Ugh... Needless to say things have gone nuts here.

Our school will be closed for all this week. No idea if they will extend school out a week or what. We have been told to watch the school website for assignments. Considering it is an international school and most people leave right after school is out I have no clue how this will work. We fly out what is supposed to be the last day of school and I am NOT changing my flight. My toes WILL be sitting in the sand of North Carolina on June 14.

I just went to the store and it is masks, masks, masks. (way more than normal) The shelves were emptying only a few hours after the news broke. Someone said they will be handing them out before going into places. The big festival parade here for tomorrow has been canceled. A "fever hotline" has been set up. People are urged to stay indoors. Who knows what else will come from this.

So another week home with all 3 of my kids. We just came off golden week where the kids had a 5 day weekend and Matt was off for 2 weeks. I swear if Matt's work closes I will hop on a plane and fly somewhere by myself.


Jennifer said...

praying for ya sweetheart..i feel your pain:)

Louise said...

Wow that is crazy!!
Hope you get some time alone :)
Hugs dear!

Terri said...

wow; so what's the update now? I'm just getting caught up and I noticed it's been since the 16th you posted! Come one girl, we're anxious!

dannie1978 said...

We're thinking about you.... seems like the dang swine flu is everywhere... We went to NYC the weekend it broke out there. We're praying for you! AND YOUR SANITY lol.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Oh no, that's awful. The swine flu is awful, but the Japanese do love a big panic as well. Hope all is well again now.

Anonymous said...

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